The power and marketing appeal of fashion brands has enabled  them to diversify beyond their principle trade into other areas of the commercial arena.  In many cases, these fashion houses have branched out into the lucrative interiors industry – where over the years, the lines between fashion and interiors have become increasingly blurred.


For this reason, drawing inspiration from interiors, and allowing them to influence our fashion choices, is not as strange as you might think… We are not talking about wearing a lampshade or a cushion, for that would be ridiculous, but  “wearing your interiors” can be much more subtle and effective.  A`throw or blanket worn as a scarf illustrates this fascinating crossover between these two aesthetic mediums, so the idea of “wearing your interiors” actually makes perfect sense.


Wearing a throw or a blanket as a scarf in this icy cold winter weather, is not only a brilliant way to adapt to the freezing chill, but it is also a great way to add a last minute flourish to your outfit.  And if you choose great quality pieces, then you get two options for the price of one…on the one hand, a beautiful design feature that adds to your home and the on the other hand a beautiful garment to add your wardrobe.  This is a win win in our opinion.  For, surely the aesthetics of what you choose to wear are embodied in how you decorate your home?


Anyone who knows us at NotSuchAModelMum is fully aware of our Missoni obsession… the only problem with this love is that Missoni can be extremely expensive.  Undeterred by this, and because we love a bargain – if you follow our logic of wearing your interiors – then buying a Missoni throw or blanket that can be worn as a scarf as well as decorating your sofa, suddenly makes complete financial sense.

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Another up and coming interior accessories cashmere brand we love is Oyuna; and we particularly adore their beautiful throws made from Mongolian cashmere – which can vamp up any cosy area in the home, and also vamp up our winter wear when worn with a winter coat…Warm, soft and great quality, these throws work in every scenario, and also fall into our much loved ‘two for the price of one’ philosophy.


So, the next time you are swooning at some beautiful designer throw, don’t just imagine how it can change your home, but ask if it will also change your wardrobe.  If it ticks both these boxes, then the price is technically halved, so grab it with both hands.  Both your home and your wardrobe will thank you for it.

Missoni Husky throw here.

Oyuna Mongolian Cashmere throw here.

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