Channelling Clueless

Every October at the end of half term, I drag my winter coats out of storage, dust them off, bemoan the fact they are still covered in what I like to call “random child crap”, trawl through said pile of winter warmers and claim that I have nothing to wear.  Despite this pile, I then promptly … Continue Reading

Ganni, not Gammy!

Sometimes a girl just falls in love with something she knows she shouldn’t have.  It happens to the best of us, and, right now, that girl is me!  It doesn’t matter how hard I try to ignore the desire, occasionally it just gets the better of me.  I am, of course, talking about shopping.  For … Continue Reading

Cheap Frills

We are all in search of cheap thrills, right?  Whether it’s that bargain eyeshadow or a cheap sales find on, the less money we spend, the happier we are!  So imagine how happy we were when we found this top- an easy white t shirt with some cheap frills on the side (sorry about … Continue Reading

Mumsy is Cool

Being a mum is really full on!  Whilst it is clearly wonderful and very special, there are also times when it is completely and utterly overwhelming in every sense.  Any descriptions that use the word “mum” in them should therefore make us mums feel good about ourselves, and be uplifting, positive, and inspiring.  Then how come … Continue Reading