Post Baby Skin Care Tips

Now 12 months into life with three kids, the newborn and baby phase seem like a distant dream.  I am now faced, quite literally, each day, with looking in the mirror and wondering if I will ever have a full night sleep again.  The need for some serious help to lessen the lines and dark … Continue Reading

Top of Dreams

Sometimes you hit online shopping gold, and when that parcel arrives, you just know in your gut that its going to be a good one.  For me, this is a rare occurrence, and when it does happen, I always do a mini dance of joy.   Normally, I’m returning the clothes straight after I open … Continue Reading

Jessica’s Gift Guide For All

Christmas is around the corner and I’m getting nervous.  My to-do list of things to achieve before these festivities is racking up, and buying Christmas presents is pretty much at the bottom of that list.  So, to give myself a much needed Christmas boost that doesn’t involve a cocktail, here’s my gift guide for all you … Continue Reading

Interview with Liz Houghton OBE, one of the founders of Mint Velvet

Some of the best ideas are thought up around a kitchen table with a good old cup of tea, and that’s exactly how trio Liz Houghton, Jane Rawlings, and Lisa Agar Rea, created Mint Velvet.  They all had similar backgrounds in fashion, and have managed to develop Mint Velvet into a well loved British brand with a … Continue Reading

Caroline’s Christmas CountDown For Kids

Those Christmas adverts and Christmas shop windows are here, and are here to stay for the next six weeks, whether you like it or not.  With each passing year, it seems that Christmas is coming round faster each time….. It only feels like yesterday that we wrote last year’s Christmas gift guide here at NotSuchAModelMum. … Continue Reading

Clean Hair, Don’t Care

I don’t know about you, but my hair always looks better two or three days after I have washed it.  Post wash, my hair is flyaway, frizzy, unmanageable and resembles an electrocuted birdsnest!  So, when I get a modelling job and the request is: “Come with clean hair please.”  I tend to feel sorry for … Continue Reading

It’s A Cover-up!

Now that Summer is well and truly over, and, despite the fact that I live in balmy Barcelona, we have just returned from Thailand and got a tropical blast of Summer sun.  Yes, it’s an extravagance, but, given that my family and I love to chase the sunshine, and, given that we had a wedding … Continue Reading

Our Winter Coat Edit

After the UK’s epic summer, it has been pretty exciting to slowly dig out those snuggly jumpers and demoth our winter coats that have been hiding in the loft.  Each year both of us buy at least one new winter coat, and, because this season, it seems like anything goes, we are casting our shopping … Continue Reading

Unicorn Dust

When the sweat started to drip down my back whilst on the Tube in London, I knew that the heat had finally become too much.  All that talk of summer glow had gone down the pan, and the closest thing I got to that summer glow was when I opened the freezer door and glowed with … Continue Reading

Silver Crossed Lovers

After having my third baby four months ago, I am slowly but surely navigating my way out of that perpetual haze of newborn sleep deprivation.  With two full nights of sleep in the bag(!), I am feeling a little more human once again and, third time round as I get to know my little bundle of joy, … Continue Reading