World Book Day Fun

Please tell us that we are not the only mothers out there who struggle to make their children read?!  For two people who always have a book in their handbags, this is very frustrating.  Reading is a huge part of both of our lives.  When we first started modelling in the time before iPhones (!) the only … Continue Reading

Blurred Lines

When it comes to make-up, it’s safe to say that we all have our go-to products that suit our look; and we very rarely try anything new.  This becomes more and more apparent when you become a mum – when those precious five minutes to fix your face before heading out the door with the … Continue Reading

Need More Hair Please

I was prepared for the post-baby ‘jiggly belly’, for the saggy boobs, and the tired peepers peering out from under-eye suitcases.  But one thing I wasn’t prepared for during and after my three pregnancies was the post partum hair loss.  Then, to exacerbate the matter, once I had got my head around the fact that … Continue Reading

My Maternity Must-Haves Part 1

With this pregnancy being my third one, you would think that I would be a maternity wear expert by now!  If only it was that simple.  With every pregnancy and year that passes, I have found that both my style and body shape have adjusted, and that this affects not only what I want to … Continue Reading