Ibiza Nights

Those long sultry Ibiza summer nights dancing the night away in Erick Morillo’s DJ box with the man himself are occurrences firmly relegated to the past, now that we are knee deep in nappies and puree. With the kids in tow, the closest we have come to a sniff of the trendy Ibizan nightclubs is … Continue Reading

You’ve washed your hair. Have you got a casting?

A casting for a Marks and Spencer Tv commercial doesn’t happen often.  This iconic British Brand is highly regarded and so to work with them has kudos in the fashion industry.  So, when my agency emailed me the details for the casting whilst I was making the kids their supper, I was definitely excited as … Continue Reading

Karma karma karma Carmex (see what I did there?)

I have tried them all. The expensive ones, the cheap ones, the ones made out of gold and caviar with collagen hand blended by unicorns. None even come close to this yellowing nugget of lip calming, pungent smelling, sticky goodness.

Bicycle Blues

I longingly look at my wardrobe full of fantastic finds I have accrued over the years of living in different countries and given to me from shoots, trying to find events, outings, evenings out… anything, where I can dust off the Joseph or Celine pieces I have stashed away from my past life pre-children, desperately … Continue Reading

Lashing Out

False eyelashes are not something new….From the fledgling days of the 1930’s, where stunning examples were championed by the ever-glamourous Seena Williams on the silver screen; to the more daring 50’s femininity emulated by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor – fake eyelashes have always been a symbol of female empowerment.

Nipple Lips

Nipple cream is something I thought I had happily left behind in those hazy newborn days of breastfeeding, cabbage and sleep deprivation. Not so it seems. Whilst on a photoshoot with severely chapped lips ( no surprise there as I spend half my days freezing in playgrounds and fields) make up artist extraordinaire, Sarah Reygate, … Continue Reading

New York State of Mind

Having lived and loved in New York, we are always on the look out for emerging New York fashion brands and beauty products. Step forward fashion brand, SEA NYC. With an Isabel Marant- esque folksy twist, the clothes are classic and beautifully made. This top in particular caught our eye.