High Street Lippie

As much as I love hitting the fancy stores for some fancy make up, it is sometimes the high street stores that come up trumps in the make up department.  Sometimes, something as simple as finding that cheap lipstick that only costs £6.99 and makes me feel like a million dollars, can put me back on … Continue Reading

Need More Hair Please

I was prepared for the post-baby ‘jiggly bell’, for the saggy boobs, and the tired peepers peering out from under-eye suitcases.  But one thing I wasn’t prepared for during and after my three pregnancies was the post partum hair loss.  Then, to exacerbate the matter, once I had got my head around the fact that … Continue Reading

Nail it down

I am a gal who likes nothing better than taking time out for a manicure.  I have, however, on many occasions found myself unable to take this time out when life and children get in the way.  Well, move over ‘time-pressed mamas’, may I introduce the ‘last minute pseudo manicure.’  I have just discovered the world … Continue Reading

Brow Pal

I’m constantly searching for what I like to call: ‘minimal effort make up tips’.  Some people love makeup and the ritual of re-applying it throughout the day – but that is not something I subscribe to. For me, applying make up once in the morning is more than enough; unless I’m heading out that evening to … Continue Reading

Bask in the Mask

When we are together, we love nothing more than kicking back in peace with a glass of wine, a boxset and a face mask.  Only since having children, has the regular routine of a face mask become both appealing and essential- a little time out from the children whilst hiding in the bathroom, and a … Continue Reading

Winter Sun Quick Fix

These cold Winter days are lovely when the sun shines, and I feel like that part in Bridget Jones where she is walking over Waterloo Bridge, cold and content.  (On a side note, how old is that film now?!)  Only, the reality is that I am not on a bridge in London, I am halfway up … Continue Reading

2017 Corrections

2017 has well and truly arrived.  The Christmas and New Year’s merriment is enough to sap any remaining energy from your skin – those late nights due to the double whammy of sleepless children and too much Stilton, can take its toll on both your mind and your skin… most notably those charming under eye … Continue Reading

Wrinkle Secrets

Whilst having my make up done for a photo shoot, I began chatting to the make up artist about skincare and skincare routines.  If I manage to brush my teeth before face planting into my bed at 7:30pm, I am happy – so my night time skincare routine is equally unorthodox.  Simply put, I don’t … Continue Reading

Secrets from the Fashion Shoot

Sometimes in life, it is the little things that count.  The night your children sleep through until 7 am; a good cup of coffee; nabbing a bargain on theoutnet.com; a glass of wine with some friends – the list goes on.  This same principle applies to make up tips… sometimes it is the the little … Continue Reading

Hats for all kinds of Cats

As the last rays of sunlight fade from the remaining days of summer, my thoughts are drawn to one item of clothing that we never seem to wear enough of.  Accessories like belts, jewellery, and bags are always a staple part of one’s summer wardrobe, but what about the humble hat?  And is there a single … Continue Reading