Staying Sane During Lockdown

These strange times of living our lives in a perpetual state of not knowing what will happen next, has left us all feeling challenged and confused.  Adding on the constant daily rigmarole of homeschooling, house chores, cooking, trying to stay on top of work if you are lucky enough to still have a job, has tipped … Continue Reading

Post Baby Skin Care Tips

Now 24 months into life with three kids, the newborn and baby phase seem like a distant dream.  I am now faced, quite literally, each day, with looking in the mirror and wondering if I will ever have a full night sleep again.  The need for some serious help to lessen the lines and dark … Continue Reading

Clean Hair, Don’t Care

I don’t know about you, but my hair always looks better two or three days after I have washed it.  Post wash, my hair is flyaway, frizzy, unmanageable and resembles an electrocuted birdsnest!  So, when I get a modelling job and the request is: “Come with clean hair please.”  I tend to feel sorry for … Continue Reading

Photoshoot Secrets

Sometimes in life, it is the little things that count.  The night your children sleep through until 7 am; a good cup of coffee; nabbing a bargain on; a glass of wine with some friends – the list goes on.  This same principle applies to make up tips… sometimes it is the the little … Continue Reading

Unicorn Dust

When the sweat started to drip down my back whilst on the Tube in London, I knew that the heat had finally become too much.  All that talk of summer glow had gone down the pan, and the closest thing I got to that summer glow was when I opened the freezer door and glowed with … Continue Reading

A Make Up Cushion

With three kids constantly using my handbag as some kind of bin, I am aways finding half eaten lollipops, broken toys and other such useless paraphernalia stuffed inside my Balenciaga.  The one thing my two eldest boys know not to touch is my tiny make up bag, or “facial repair kit” as my eldest calls … Continue Reading

Velvety Sun Kissed Face

On the day before our little road trip as a new family of five, there was a mad rush and panic of packing bags for four people and a newborn.  Now, with said newborn in tow, there’s even more to pack!  Ofcourse, that includes surfboards, snorkels, pillows and the kitchen sink- complete must-haves for our first … Continue Reading

Bodycare For All Stages of Mummyhood

I am always amazed at the body’s ability to adapt to change – especially when you discover you’re pregnant and find out that your body is a remarkable instrument for growing a new life and sustaining it.  It is also the time when you realise how much pregnancy takes from your body to build a baby! … Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

So, Mother’s Day is just around the corner and whether it’s your first one or you are a Mother’s Day veteran, there’s something for us all in this gift guide.  That would explain why we both look so happy in these pics!  So, hubbies take note and, if said hubbies don’t deliver the goods (!)…then … Continue Reading

Blurred Lines

When it comes to make-up, it’s safe to say that we all have our go-to products that suit our look; and we very rarely try anything new.  This becomes more and more apparent when you become a mum – when those precious five minutes to fix your face before heading out the door with the … Continue Reading