She wore Blue Velvet… to a soft play

The catwalks have been awash with velvet- velvet blouses; velvet shoes; velvet jackets- the list goes on.  This trend harks back to the late nineties where every teenage girl rocked crushed velvet dresses and scrunchies, and genuinely thought that they were the epitome of glamour… or maybe that was just me and my sister!  Anyway…

Wrinkle Secrets

Whilst having my make up done for a photo shoot, I began chatting to the make up artist about skincare and skincare routines.  If I manage to brush my teeth before face planting into my bed at 7:30pm, I am happy – so my night time skincare routine is equally unorthodox.  Simply put, I don’t … Continue Reading

Stop, Listen and Collaborate

As much as we like to pretend to deny it, we love a scroll of Daily for the celebrity gossip and photos.  When it pops up that the latest celebrity to fall out of the Big Brother house has collaborated on a clothing line, our hearts sink. Surely, there is only so much flammable … Continue Reading

Jump into November

As soon as the first of November arrived,  there was a not so subtle shift in the weather.  I opened my front door, and got smacked in the face by a blast of Arctic cold.  This means that we can now pull out our jumpers and start to nest until Christmas.  Nothing says crisp November … Continue Reading