Alexa Chung Rocks

We love nothing more than watching somebody we know start from nothing and graft their way to success.  It make us understand how much hard work goes in behind the scenes to get to that level, and also makes us very proud.  A person who has achieved this well-deserved success is the brilliant Alexa Chung, our … Continue Reading

Joseph and their Amazing Non-Technicolour Trousers

Joseph has been a stalwart of the British designer high street for as long as I can remember.  There was a time over nearly twenty years ago when all I wore and lusted after were a pair of Joseph Trousers (well, that and Luke Perry from Beverly Hills 90210).  They epitomised glamour, and a timeless style … Continue Reading

One Cami, Two Ways

With ‘summer’ clearly on its way out (what on earth?!)…We have decided that we are going to make the best of it and look forward to autumn, and all the fashion fun that comes with this change of season.  But, instead of shoving our summer clothes to the back of our wardrobes, and dragging our warmer clothes out … Continue Reading

Grey and White Is Alright!

I love following fashion and learning about what trends, styles and colours are “in” right now.  This does, in no way mean that I am a slave to fashion – in fact quite the opposite.  For, despite those trends, I am always drawn to classic and simple shaped tops that have a little twist.  Recently I … Continue Reading

The 6am Dresses

We love nothing more than this time of year.  Weddings; Summer parties; big birthday bashes; and holidays…. What more could a gal want from her summer?  Well, if you are asking that loaded question, we would love full time childcare and a daily blow-dry, but that would be asking too much!!  On the hunt for … Continue Reading

Logo Us Up

Had we kept hold of all those bold, branded t shirts we loved to wear back in the 90’s, we are certain that we would now be back on trend with a very loud bump! However, the Naf Naf, Benetton and Jane Norman ( remember them?!) logos do not quite make the cut the second time … Continue Reading

Great Plains Love

Who knew that French Connection had an older sister?!  We like to consider ourselves knowledgeable about brands and new trends, but had no idea that French Connection had any link to the classic Great Plains clothing brand.  Whilst good old FCUK is the trendy younger sister, Great Plains is the older sister- more classic and … Continue Reading

Lemon Print Floral Tea Dress

Never one to shy away from bold prints or bright colours, and always in search of clothes that make me smile, I found my newest lemon love in H&M.  This dress has slowly and steadily been creeping into the bigger fashion blogger’s wardrobes on Instagram, so get to the shops sharpish before this little number sells … Continue Reading

Throw This On

My personal ‘Pet Peeve’ No.1 – is with people who say “ooh, this?!  I just threw this on”, when I ask them about their clothes.  How on earth do you just throw something on?  Am I missing a trick here?  Isn’t that what we all want?  A wardrobe full of clothes we can just throw on, and … Continue Reading

Hot Lips on my Sweater

I love nothing more than wearing something that gives me an amazing feel-good factor… and what better way to get this fix than with a humorous VB jumper with a dash of fab detailing.  I’ve always been a fan of Victoria Beckham, having been lucky enough to be the ‘fit model’ for her sought after … Continue Reading