Mama’s Going Out for Easter

Yes, yes it is still freezing, and the snow has frozen any hint of daffodils… But it’s Easter soon, which means spring has sprung and that means that summer is just around the corner!  It is never too early to look for lovely party looks that can be worn in those sultry summer evenings in … Continue Reading

Why Trousers Do the Talking at BonMarche

We both live in trousers.  Whether the humble jean, the capri pant, the boyfriend camo trousers, or a good legging – trousers are an essential part of our “mum uniform” here at NotSuchAModelMum.   The unpresuming trouser may have started in a man’s world, but they have certainly made their home in a woman’s wardrobe. We … Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

So, Mother’s Day is just around the corner and whether it’s your first one or you are a Mother’s Day veteran, there’s something for us all in this gift guide.  That would explain why we both look so happy in these pics!  So, hubbies take note and, if said hubbies don’t deliver the goods (!)…then … Continue Reading

We are Women, Right?!

We have just skidded our way home in the snow from the brilliant Facebook breakfast, celebrating both ‘International Women’s Day’ and also, the centenary of women being able to vote.  It was an incredible morning that was jam-packed full of incredibly inspirational, strong women: from Samantha Morton & Kanya King (founder of the MOBO Awards) … Continue Reading

My Maternity Must-Haves Part 1

With this pregnancy being my third one, you would think that I would be a maternity wear expert by now!  If only it was that simple.  With every pregnancy and year that passes, I have found that both my style and body shape have adjusted, and that this affects not only what I want to … Continue Reading

A Christmas Jumper for Life

Okay, so I am writing this blog post whilst sitting in A&E with my two year old asleep on my lap, and waiting for the doctor to stitch the large cut above his eye… that’s the life of a mum of three boys.  Instead of worrying about the cut (he fell off a stool and … Continue Reading

Discount Code Heaven

Who doesn’t love a discount code?!  We have been known to spend more time googling discount codes than shopping, only to find codes that don’t work, or that they are ones that only include ” free shipping”.   That is not cool.  This year, however, we have decided to be a bit organised and have … Continue Reading

Relaxed Glamour with Mint Velvet

When we first decided to set up NotSuchAModelMum, we only had a couple of things we wanted from this little adventure.  We wanted a good excuse to see each other more – with Caroline in Barcelona and me in London, that was proving difficult, and setting up a blog would be the best excuse to … Continue Reading

Channelling Clueless

Every October at the end of half term, I drag my winter coats out of storage, dust them off, bemoan the fact they are still covered in what I like to call “random child crap”, trawl through said pile of winter warmers and claim that I have nothing to wear.  Despite this pile, I then promptly … Continue Reading

Ganni, not Gammy!

Sometimes a girl just falls in love with something she knows she shouldn’t have.  It happens to the best of us, and, right now, that girl is me!  It doesn’t matter how hard I try to ignore the desire, occasionally it just gets the better of me.  I am, of course, talking about shopping.  For … Continue Reading