I love interiors.  It is as simple as that…And I have found as I get older, that whilst cheap fashion interiors serve a purpose – there comes a time when it pays to invest in good quality interior accessories and homeware, which not only last – but also age well over time.  With this in mind, and always on the lookout for great quality interior pieces,  I have discovered my new favourite brand for amazing cashmere pieces.  The brand is called Oyuna and was set up by a fellow mother of two called Oyuna Tserendorj.  This incredibly talented lady originally travelled from Mongolia to London in 2001.  Having left her native country behind, and armed with a degree in textiles, she discovered a niche market in Mongolian cashmere and formed her company in the UK’s capital.


I love nothing more than flopping down onto a comfy sofa scattered with over-sized, puffed-up cushions, and sinking into my luxurious Oyuna cashmere blanket.  The uniqueness of the Oyana brand is her almost sole use of Mongolian cashmere combined with a timeless yet unique modern design approach.  Oyuna has been championed in many major stores worldwide, such as Barney’s in New York.  The vibrant colours combined with the heavy handle cashmere make Oyuna pieces ideal additions to every home.



Oyuna has since expanded from interior accessories to a fully fledged womenswear line – one that is stocked in over 40 destinations worldwide – and also a children’s range, Oyumoyu

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Oyuna has two children, having recently added a new addition to the clan a year ago.  If you believe in numeralogy then you will love this little piece of info – both her children (although 6 years apart) were  born on the same day!  Here at NotSuchAModelMum, we had a few questions for this multitasking mama extraordinaire:

 NSAMM How do you find the time to run a successful business and be a mother?

 OYUNA It’s full on! Organisation is the key! Running your own business is a never ending challenge, even more so with young children. When I had my first child I found myself  designing our next collection from my hospital bed as I had a deadline I couldn’t miss.  It’s definitely something to consider if you are thinking of starting up your own business.  How much of your personal time are you willing to give to your business if you want it to be successful.  It can be all consuming at times.

 NSAMM  How do you make time for yourself?

OYUNA  I’ve just started taking pilates which gives me a chance to recharge my batteries, but time for myself is a rarity these days.  I’m surprised I have time to brush my teeth some days!

NSAMM When you are designing your collections are you driven by trends or do you find your inspirations from other creative collectives?

OYUNA I try to avoid ‘trend colours’, If you’re looking too much at what other people are doing it can affect your work, and not in a positive way. 

NSAMM What silhouettes have been successful for you and define your brand?

OYUNA  We have very individual styles when it comes to our coats and dresses.  Many buyers from influential stores come to us especially to buy these signature pieces.  We are known for our minimal, bold and 3D approach to cashmere design.  The majority of brands that work with cashmere tend to do so in a very conservative way, mainly because it is an expensive fabric to work with.   As cashmere is our main medium, it is essential for us to develop and create interesting pieces that push the boundaries of cashmere design. 

NSAMM  You work with your husband, how do you both find the balance to separate work from home life?

OYUNA  It’s taken sometime to perfect the art of not talking about business outside of the office!  When we are in the car on the way home from work, your head is obviously full of everything work related, yet you are both so tired you really need to allow yourself to switch off.  We now have a rule that after work ends on a Friday, there is no more work until Monday!  Obviously, if there is an emergency then we will handle calls or emails over the weekend, but having this rule really gives us a chance to have some important family time.  This is essential when you have your own business and work with your partner!

NSAMM  What are your goals for the future and the brand?

OYUNA  I would love to open a shop, where we can work on collaborations with some really interesting brands.  To be a destination store, where we create our own universe and host a conceptual environment, with our own products and brands would be fantastic.

 You can find Oyuna here and here.

Her children’s brand, OyuMoyu is here.











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