Winter Sun Quick Fix

These cold Winter days are lovely when the sun shines, and I feel like that part in Bridget Jones where she is walking over Waterloo Bridge, cold and content.  (On a side note, how old is that film now?!)  Only, the reality is that I am not on a bridge in London, I am halfway up … Continue Reading

Our Amazing Cashmere Discovery

I love interiors.  It is as simple as that…And I have found as I get older, that whilst cheap fashion interiors serve a purpose – there comes a time when it pays to invest in good quality interior accessories and homeware, which not only last – but also age well over time.  With this in mind, … Continue Reading

Throw Me

The power and marketing appeal of fashion brands has enabled  them to diversify beyond their principle trade into other areas of the commercial arena.  In many cases, these fashion houses have branched out into the lucrative interiors industry – where over the years, the lines between fashion and interiors have become increasingly blurred.

2017 Corrections

2017 has well and truly arrived.  The Christmas and New Year’s merriment is enough to sap any remaining energy from your skin – those late nights due to the double whammy of sleepless children and too much Stilton, can take its toll on both your mind and your skin… most notably those charming under eye … Continue Reading