2017 has well and truly arrived.  The Christmas and New Year’s merriment is enough to sap any remaining energy from your skin – those late nights due to the double whammy of sleepless children and too much Stilton, can take its toll on both your mind and your skin… most notably those charming under eye bags, that are now looking more like under eye suitcases!


We could prescribe some detox tea/gold laced, body wash/ two hour facial mask, to counter the tiredness, but we really don’t have the time for that!  What I really need is something fast and easy to make me look like I have been relaxing (sans brats) in the Ibizan sun for a week, and caught up on my massive sleep deficit.

Being half Indian makes me prone to dark under eye circles, so I am always on the lookout for good quality concealers and correctors that come in a variety of shades to suit any and every skin tone – ones that actually work, and last all day.   I don’t have the time, or the inclination to reapply make up durning the day, so I need products that are long-lasting and work.  Good old Bobbi Brown has done it for me this time.

The Bobbi Brown Corrector is every tired mother’s manna from heaven, and I am sure that because Bobbi Brown is a mother herself, she understands that us mums need quick, easy and simple solutions to make us feel good.  Covering my under eye circles makes me feel good, and surely that’s the whole point.

This brilliant corrector does the job superbly, so no wonder it is described as “a wake up call for tired eyes”.  Dark undereyes aren’t simply covered, but neutralised using peachy or pink undertones.  It is water resistant, so no matter how much it rains in the playground, you may be wet, but you won’t look tired!  And, because, this little piece of magic is creamy, it is easy to blend and won’t cause creases.


I always use my finger to apply my make up, especially around the delicate eye area where I use my ring finger, as I find it faster, but when I am on a shoot and sitting in the make up chair, the make up artists always use fine brushes.  I get redness around my nose, so I alway apply some of the corrector in this area as well, and it neutralises the redness too.

beauty4   beauty5

If I have the time, then I apply my usual foundation or concealer over my face and over the corrector; and I am good to go.  I often don’t add anything over the corrector, I simply add some blusher and run out the door…normally forgetting child or two!


Bobbi Brown Corrector is here.


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