Bags of Non-Confiscatable Airport Fun

Our summer holiday had started so well. We got to the airport, one that can only loosely be described as being in London, on time ( 4:45 am), and got to security without any major drama or meltdown. To avoid meltdowns because of tired little legs, we decided to take the buggy and two scooters. Big … Continue Reading

Our Amazing Cashmere Discovery

I love interiors.  It is as simple as that…And I have found as I get older, that whilst cheap fashion interiors serve a purpose – there comes a time when it pays to invest in good quality interior accessories and homeware, which not only last – but also age well over time.  With this in mind, … Continue Reading

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

We would like to be organised and manage to complete all our Christmas shopping by, say, September, but life always seems to get in the way, so we are always scrabbling around like lunatics a few days before Christmas.  Well, don’t despair, fellow last minute mamas, here at NotSuchAModelMum, we have come up with a last … Continue Reading

Sally Kindberg, Children’s Book Author & Illustrator Extraordinaire!

I am sure that we all have a “Comic Strip History of Space” or the “Comic Strip Big Fat Book of Knowledge” at home that we read to the kids, or we’ve drawn with our kids in her brilliant “Draw It” series of books, published by Bloomsbury. The wonderfully funny and informative illustrations in these books … Continue Reading

Mac My Day

We have been fortunate enough to have learnt first hand from working with incredible make up artists some tricks of the trade, and, now that we are getting older, we are realising that some of these top tips are really coming into their own.  One tip that is serving us well and is proving indispensable, … Continue Reading

Nipple Lips

Nipple cream is something I thought I had happily left behind in those hazy newborn days of breastfeeding, cabbage and sleep deprivation. Not so it seems. Whilst on a photoshoot with severely chapped lips ( no surprise there as I spend half my days freezing in playgrounds and fields) make up artist extraordinaire, Sarah Reygate, … Continue Reading

Scrapbook Challenge

Even moving to Sunny Barcelona doesn’t preclude those dreary, dull and rainy Sunday mornings.  It’s 9:12 am, the kids are already crawling up the walls.  We’ve already been outside, splashed in puddles, changed out of their wet clothes, finished some painting, and I am already wishing away the hours until bedtime. I’m running out of … Continue Reading

A spaceship in a book. Am I asking too much?!

If you had told me that there was a hardback book that through some origami miracle converts from a book into a playmate into a spaceship, I wouldn’t have believed you. Well, non believers, here it is. It’s a clever concept,a great book and is hardback, so even with three strong boys, after one year, … Continue Reading