One Coat, Two Ways

Caroline and I love to steal from each other’s wardrobes.  We both see this thievery as one of the pleasures of being good friends, and it is something we both cherish…  Even if we never get the pieces back again ( Caroline, I am looking at you!).  This coat (that belongs to me, and now sits … Continue Reading

For the love of a good dress

When I think of high street shopping, I immediately think of the big ones…TopShop, H&M, Miss Selfridge, & ASOS.  River Island had never really entered that equation… until recently that is.  I have been buying their jeans for a while and have been impressed with the fit, the styles and the quality.  However, my River … Continue Reading

Be Bold and Beautiful

Starting your day by waking up to a cold, dark and uninspiring morning is always hard.  The monotonous daily routine of getting the kids up, dressed, fed and out the door on time – whilst remembering their bags, random equipment and completed homework – usually kicks off my morning with a sense of drudgery rather … Continue Reading

Bask in the Mask

When we are together, we love nothing more than kicking back in peace with a glass of wine, a boxset and a face mask.  Only since having children, has the regular routine of a face mask become both appealing and essential- a little time out from the children whilst hiding in the bathroom, and a … Continue Reading

Finally Found What I’ve Been Looking For

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love the rock chick look.  Even nearing middle age, I still convince myself that I can pull it off.  I find it easy and classic.  I love nothing more than grabbing my leather biker jacket and rushing out the front door to do the school run/ nursery run/ … Continue Reading