I don’t know about you, but my hair always looks better two or three days after I have washed it.  Post wash, my hair is flyaway, frizzy, unmanageable and resembles an electrocuted birdsnest!  So, when I get a modelling job and the request is: “Come with clean hair please.”  I tend to feel sorry for the hair stylist!  Alongside the call time and the shoot location, having clean hair is the top request when we go to a modelling job.  You would think this would be an obvious thing to have, alongside shaved legs and tidy eyebrows, but the irony of this is not lost on us, because freshly washed hair is too clean to hold the style you want.  So, how do hair stylists on shoots get that sought after slightly dirty hair look when a model turns up with squeaky clean, flyaway, frizzy hair? ( or is that just me?!)

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The correct products give hair texture, boost body and makes tresses easier to style.  Alongside a plethora of styling products that include hair sprays, texture sprays, gels, tongs and a whole host of other weapons, it is dry shampoo that gets wheeled out most often.  Usually reserved to give dirty hair a boost and to absorb greasy hair oils (nice!)  It can, conversely, also be used on clean hair to great success.  It is one of those secret weapons that gives clean hair some grip and shape and stops it from looking both flat and lustreless.  Clean hair, dirty hair, who cares, dry shampoo can do it all!

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The great thing about dry shampoo is that there is no wrong way to use it!  Dry Shampoo gives clean hair some texture, extra grip, reduces flyaways and adds volume, and gives dirty hair extra longevity.  On days when I do manage to wash my hair – ironically, the first thing I reach for is my dry shampoo because my hair tends to look like a total mess, no matter what shampoo I use.  Thanks to one of my favourite dry shampoos, Bumble and Bumble’s Pret a Powder, my unruly barnet gets under control and I can style it in any way I like.  It gives hair grip so that it doesn’t sink like yesterday’s souffle.

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This magical tool is also great in humid weather, where it keeps hair from frizzing, adding lift and body, and also works with curly hair, where it separates curls.  Hair will still look fresh and have some of that touchable grit that is helpful when holding a shape.  It also prevents oil build up.  I like to add it to the roots of my hair and work my way down- you need to use very little of this product, otherwise you will look like you have a head full of greys… trust me, I learnt that the hard way!

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So, if you are fretting about your unruly tresses that need some taming, grab that dry shampoo and you can thank us later!!  Alongside a hairbrush and a hairdryer, dry shampoo has now become part of our beauty cabinet essentials – much like a multi-tasking mama…it can do everything!

You can find our favourite dry shampoos here:

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