Grey and White Is Alright!

I love following fashion and learning about what trends, styles and colours are “in” right now.  This does, in no way mean that I am a slave to fashion – in fact quite the opposite.  For, despite those trends, I am always drawn to classic and simple shaped tops that have a little twist.  Recently I … Continue Reading

Shake it up!

One of my best, and most everlasting memories of my youth is of hitting the town with my bestie, armed with a handbag stuffed with blue hair mascara, a Mini Disc Man and a Lancome Juicy Tube.  Does anyone remember this stuff?!  Anyway, now that we have grown up somewhat, and instead now get drunk at … Continue Reading

The 6am Dresses

We love nothing more than this time of year.  Weddings; Summer parties; big birthday bashes; and holidays…. What more could a gal want from her summer?  Well, if you are asking that loaded question, we would love full time childcare and a daily blow-dry, but that would be asking too much!!  On the hunt for … Continue Reading

Logo Us Up

Had we kept hold of all those bold, branded t shirts we loved to wear back in the 90’s, we are certain that we would now be back on trend with a very loud bump! However, the Naf Naf, Benetton and Jane Norman ( remember them?!) logos do not quite make the cut the second time … Continue Reading

Bags of Non-Confiscatable Airport Fun

Our summer holiday had started so well. We got to the airport, one that can only loosely be described as being in London, on time ( 4:45 am), and got to security without any major drama or meltdown. To avoid meltdowns because of tired little legs, we decided to take the buggy and two scooters. Big … Continue Reading