Super Easy Easter Chocolate Treats

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with the wonderfully talented nutritionist, Diana Warrings of Irma Green Nutrition to bring you lots of delicious and nutritious recipes and ideas for cooking for kids, hubbies, friends and yourself.  We were lucky enough to meet Diana over ten years ago when she worked as our … Continue Reading

Silken Favours

One of the greatest blessings from working in the fashion industry has been the truly eclectic mix of people we have met and been lucky enough to develop great friendships with.  As mere minnows grappling with the world of castings, options, and go sees, the modelling world can very, very cold and cut-throat.  We truly believe that it … Continue Reading

Sincerely Love This

The blogging world is now full to excess with wannabe bloggers and self crowned “style leaders”.  In an already saturated market, there is one blogger who paved way before anyone even knew what “wordpress” was, and who has been trail blazing her way through the blogging stratosphere.  That lady is Jules Sarinana of Sincerely Jules.