Sally Kindberg, Children’s Book Author & Illustrator Extraordinaire!

I am sure that we all have a “Comic Strip History of Space” or the “Comic Strip Big Fat Book of Knowledge” at home that we read to the kids, or we’ve drawn with our kids in her brilliant “Draw It” series of books, published by Bloomsbury. The wonderfully funny and informative illustrations in these books … Continue Reading

So Wrong, It’s Right

A deep fried Mars bar is a throwback to my Edinburgh University student days, and it was one of my favourite late night (ahem, 3am chip shop queue) treats in that wonderful city.  A deep fried Mars bar sounds so unappetising and so wrong, but in reality in all its oozy, chocolatey joy – it is … Continue Reading

Four Seasons Dressing

I need my wardrobe to work hard.  I don’t have the time or the inclination to organise my summer and winter wardrobes – especially with the kids perpetually dictating how few nanoseconds I have to get ready each morning – so when I find a dress that works for all four seasons, I get a … Continue Reading

Mama in a Red Dress

Wearing a red dress during the day is something we at NotSuchAModelMum tend to steer clear of.  Looking like a scarlet harlot whilst wiping snot from one child and holding another child’s hand as they scale the dizzying heights of soft play, is not a look we would want to advocate.  But, we have found … Continue Reading

Home Grown Fun.

Growing up spending Sunday lunches at my grandparent’s house feasting on roast potatoes, lamb, and stuffing with all the trimmings, are fond memories I reminisce on to this day.  Those memories are intrinsically linked to helping my grandfather in his vegetable patch in the garden – where picking, trimming and then cooking our haul of vegetables … Continue Reading

Is Mama Cool Again?

Now that my pre-children life of everyday castings, jetting around the world, and working alongside the crème de la crème of the fashion world is over – the majority of my wardrobe is now useless and underused when faced with the daily rigmarole of being a mum.  Goodbye high heels and dry clean only clothes, … Continue Reading