We are Jessica Arora & Caroline Barton.

  • Friends (always)
  • Models (on a good day)
  • Mums (all day, every day and night)
  • Women trying our best

We met on the Parisian modelling circuit trudging from casting to casting, rookies in the fashion world. Clutching our well thumbed A to Zs (this was pre google maps) we kept crossing paths in beautiful Parisian elevators and dodgy suburban Metro stations. This was fashion in 2003 and we wanted to be a part of it.

Grudgingly, as we both considered each other competition in the cut throat world of catalogue modelling, we struck up a friendship. What broke the ice was a four hour night time jog around Paris on an evening when we both had nobody else to hang out with. “Jess and Carol” was then born. For us both, having a true friend whilst navigating our careers in a tough industry has defined who we are. New York, Paris, Milan, Miami and lots of places in between beckoned for us, and we always had each other to rely on.

Throw in five kids between us ( Jessica- Max 6, Leo 3 and Xander 1, and Caroline- Bronte 6, and Carter 2), marriages, work, the eternal quest to juggle everything whilst trying to have it all, and here we are. Friendship, fashion, parenthood and all the elements in between that have evolved into us being “NotSuchAModelMum.”