My personal ‘Pet Peeve’ No.1 – is with people who say “ooh, this?!  I just threw this on”, when I ask them about their clothes.  How on earth do you just throw something on?  Am I missing a trick here?  Isn’t that what we all want?  A wardrobe full of clothes we can just throw on, and look good in, without thinking too much?  Yes it is.


With this concept in mind, I decided to change how I shop.  The first question I now ask is ” Can I just throw this on?”  As whimsical as it sounds, if the answer is no, then it doesn’t end up in my shopping basket.  With very little time on my hands juggling my boys, work and basically, a life, I have zero interest in spending more than five minutes debating what to wear in the morning.


On my usual, exhausted Sunday evening online shopping trawl with Antiques Roadshow chattering away in the background, my new, “Can I just throw it on?” mantra bubbled in my mind.  It was on that I found this top, and it ticked all the throw-on-able boxes, and more.


Designed by an Australian yogi, this dynamic activewear brand is both versatile and stylish.  The Abelle long sleeved performance t shirt is the softest of grey marl cotton jersey.  I am going to sound quite middle aged here, but, it is so easy to wash, and all those grubby paw prints disappear immediately without the style or shape of the top being compromised.  So, it is worth the quite pricey £80.

The relaxed fit is both flattering and forgiving in its shape.  It was, however, the logo that caught my eye.  I love a positive statement, and ” The Upside”, is cool in its subtlety.  I am keeping the look simple with my high waisted, black, skinny Jamie TopShop jeans, and some trusty black Havaianas.  I can’t wait for somebody to ask me “oooh I like this top, where is it from?” and for me to reply “oooh, this?!  I just threw this on!”


The Upside Abelle long sleeved t shirt here.

TopShop Jamie jeans here.

Havaianas here.







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