I was first introduced to BAM through my husband – and now it gets my heart racing on so many levels!  BAM creates all its clothes from Bamboo, and this unique USP not only makes it fashionable, but also environmentally sustainable.
Throwaway, fast fashion can be damaging to our precious ecosystem, and whilst mass produced cheap high street bargains may hit the spot – for me, discovering a brand whose ethos is to do good in the world, whilst also leaving nothing more than brilliantly comfy clothing as its carbon footprint, is exciting stuff.
According to BAM, clothes made from bamboo are almost like the holy grail of business, where everyone wins – both socially and environmentally.  Everything BAM produces has the earth’s wellbeing at its core – the bamboo is all from sustainable sources; the blended fabrics are created using organic cotton; and even the clothes are packaged in biodegradable wrapping.  What is more, the clothes are beautifully soft – using the finest breathable antibacterial fabric – which also makes them immensely comfortable when worn close to the body.
As shoppers we are continually being made aware that making small changes in our shopping habits can really make a difference to the environment – and with BAM that choice is easy, because the clothes are gorgeous….definitely a win, win situation!
We have tried and tested a couple of their tops, dress and undies, and they have passed our appalling washing techniques with flying colours and kept their shape perfectly, with no loss of colour.  I love the thickness of the fabric – it feels sturdy and luxurious and gives support to the tummy area.  These simple, easy to look after, great priced clothes should be a staple in most people’s wardrobe.
(One thing to note: the sizing is slightly large – I chose a size 10 for the vests and it was a generous fit.  Still, this is a nice problem to have!)
So next time you are looking for soft and comfortable basics that are not only kind to the skin, fashionable and environmentally sustainable, then head to BAM.  These small brands with big ideas are the kind we should all support.  Selling fantastic basics derived a natural product is, in our opinion, the fashionable way forward.
We have teamed up with these fab peeps to offer you a 20% off your purchase with the discount code NSAMM20. What more could you want?!  And no, unfortunately pandas, are not included….
Check out BAM here. 

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