These cold Winter days are lovely when the sun shines, and I feel like that part in Bridget Jones where she is walking over Waterloo Bridge, cold and content.  (On a side note, how old is that film now?!)  Only, the reality is that I am not on a bridge in London, I am halfway up a slide trying to stop my boys from hurling themselves over the edge.  With all this exertion, my cheeks should be rosy and glowing, but no.  The cold seems to make my blood flow retreat to my insides, and this makes my cheeks resemble a Halloween ghoul.


Despite being half Indian, and having the ability to tan fast, these freezing winter days seem to suck all colour from my cheeks, and once, whilst on location where we were shooting summer clothes outside in the peak of winter, I faced this exact pale problem.  The make up artist waved her magic wand, and, with a couple of sweeps – from nowhere, I had a glow that made me look like I had drunk a glass of rose on an Ibizan beach.  The magic wand was in the form of a product from good old Estee Lauder, a quintessential favourite and stalwart of the cosmetics industry… a bronzer that will revolutionise your make up kit.


Bronzer I hear you shriek?!  That brings up memories of brown cheeks and glitter, and, if you are like me and my sister, who loved to pile on the bronzer and hit the town in our Shelley’s Doc Martins, then you will know the kind of brown I am talking about!YES14

This bronzer is different.  It gives your skin a hint of sunshine and colour, and the cleverness of Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess bronzer is that you don’t need much of it to make a difference.  The range of four colours flatter every skin tone, so you will find a match to your skin colour.  The oil control complex makes it shine free and it lasts all day, so all you need is quick sweep and then you are out the door.  I like to use the brush that comes with the powder it glides on the skin and is easy to use.  I also balance out the bronzer on my cheeks with some bronzer under my eyebrows.


The hint of subtle (subtle being the operative word here) sparkle, makes your skin look refreshed and, well, alive, which after sleepless nights and the odd glass of wine, is an imperative.  So, whack on some bronzer and the colour will be back in your cheeks come rain or shine.  For, sometimes all a girl needs is a little bronzer to make her feel normal again.



Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess can be found here and here.



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