The catwalks have been awash with velvet- velvet blouses; velvet shoes; velvet jackets- the list goes on.  This trend harks back to the late nineties where every teenage girl rocked crushed velvet dresses and scrunchies, and genuinely thought that they were the epitome of glamour… or maybe that was just me and my sister!  Anyway…


Twenty years later and the velvet trend is back again.  To be honest, I have been slightly unwilling to let it enter my now child-filled life.  Gammy fingers and velvet are a match made in hell, and velvet is a material that can be ever so slightly unflattering.  Velvet trousers, especially, can be difficult to wear.  And yet, after all that velvet reticence, it seems that I really don’t know what i am talking about, as my favourite skinny jeans have now been tossed aside and replaced by a pair of super flattering velvet trousers. Yes, really.

These velvet jeans are my new favourite wardrobe staple.  So easy to wear, and the deep, almost luxurious blueish colour is just that little bit different to my usual mum uniform of black, denim or khaki skinny jeans, allowing a bit of luxury and colour to enter my playdate, and bottom wiping filled day.


Jigsaw was one of my go to shops many years ago, and, as I love a bit of nostalgia, I popped in on a whim, after more than a decade hiatus.  I was impressed with the classic, well made pieces, and then came across their Richmond Velvet jeans in three colours. Soft, slightly stretchy and unbelievably flattering, these trousers fit like a glove and are beautifully made.  Worth every penny, and easy to wash (when did that become a positive attribute?!) mama is now rocking velvet in soft play.  I still won’t be seen dead in a scrunchie though.




Richmond Velvet Jeans,  here.

Zara Jumper old.  Stripy jumpers here, and here.

Shoes from Samsoe & Samsoe, old, but similar here and here.

Earrings from Dalia London.  Instagram is Dalia_london.




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