We have always loved good old Marks and Spencer.  Not just for underwear and food, but also for the cashmere and knitwear.  Now we love it for its cool dresses as well.  In all honesty,  ‘M&S’ is not the first shop I think about when on the search for a dress,  but it has come up trumps on several occasions, and this time is no different.

I am definitely more of a trouser person so it takes quite a lot of impressing to get me out of my pleather/ velvet/ camo trousers, and put on a dress.  Mama ain’t getting fancy for no reason, so the dress has got to be good.  And this one is.


Anyone who knows me knows that I love a print.  Most days there is some element of print in my outfit, whether a shoe, bag, jumper or dress.  On days where there isn’t some kind of print in my look, my close friends joke that I must be ill!  So when I found this dress whilst working on a shoot at M&S, I knew that I had to get my hands on it.


This animal print lined, long-sleeved, shift dress works on so many different levels.  Despite being an animal print, the dress remains low key and understated as it is loose fitting and relaxed.  It is super forgiving, which makes it ideal for hiding that third helping of Christmas pudding this festive season!  The new American President (!) has forever made me look at a pussy bow neckline differently, but don’t let this put you off this dress!  The pussy bow makes this dress multi-faceted, allowing you to wear the bow undone or done, changing the style and vibe of the dress.


Even better, the dress fuses two trends into one piece – the touches of lace on the sleeves are a smart little twist, and cleverly break up the animal print.


This dress will feature heavily in my wardrobe this Christmas season.  Effortless and relaxed elegance is something that I definitely need in this crazy season, and this piece is guaranteed to be a timeless classic.  Much like good old Marks and Spencer.

The animal print dress is here.

Other brilliant print and lace detail M&S dresses are here:






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