Caroline and I love to steal from each other’s wardrobes.  We both see this thievery as one of the pleasures of being good friends, and it is something we both cherish…  Even if we never get the pieces back again ( Caroline, I am looking at you!).  This coat (that belongs to me, and now sits happily in Caroline’s wardrobe in Barcelona) was, ahem, borrowed by Caroline and styled up in a completely contrasting way to how I would wear it.

NSAMM__one dress_2872

This Military Inspired Coat is from JD Williams- not a brand I have looked at in a while.  I always considered it a shopping destination for the older lady, but this coat has massively surprised me with the quality, cool design and the price.  In fact, it was that good that I knew it wouldn’t be long before Caroline had a pop at it!  We both have totally different styles and completely opposing ways of putting outfits together, and despite this, we always find bits and bobs from each other’s wardrobes that we want.  This coat was no different.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 19.54.55             Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 19.53.34

Its always a lot of fun for us to see how we style the same item differently, and how one item can look so different on both of us.  Caroline’s signature look is preppy with a classic twist, and she has styled the coat with a nautical theme in mind, using red and white colours.  My go-to style is the biker chic look, so I have kept the colours dark and cool, with a pop of something different from my leopard heels.

NSAMM__one dress_2869             FINAL

We both find that borrowing each other’s clothes breathes new life into them, as our differing styles make us look at pieces in a new light.  Once I have seen how Caroline has styled, say a top that has festered in the back of my wardrobe for a while, and has brought it back to life in her own inimitable way, I am inspired to wear it again.  It is the same for Caroline, as these pictures of her wearing my coat clearly illustrate!!

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 21.37.32

Its great for both our closets, and our finances when we rejig each other’s looks… and not so great when half my wardrobe ends up on the 6:30 am EasyJet flight to Barcelona in Caroline’s oversize suitcase!!

NSAMM__one dress_2912


Military coat from JD Williams here.

Red cashmere jumper from M&S here.

White shorts here.

Mulberry belt, old but similar here.

White Adidas trainers here.


Military coat from JD Williams here.

Jigsaw Richmond trousers ( written about in previous blog post here).

Sweatshirt from J Crew and is old, but similar are here, here and here.

Boden Two Part Court Heel in Leopard here.

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