When I think of high street shopping, I immediately think of the big ones…TopShop, H&M, Miss Selfridge, & ASOS.  River Island had never really entered that equation… until recently that is.  I have been buying their jeans for a while and have been impressed with the fit, the styles and the quality.  However, my River Island denim chat is saved for a later blog post, as I recently hit the jackpot there on a hunt for a new dress that looks as good when worn with black tights on the tube as it does over a bikini at a beachfront restaurant.

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This River Island Embroidered Smock dress is just lovely.  I love this style of dress – it can be worn come rain or shine, is flattering and the best thing is that if you choose one with embroidery, there is no faffing around with different accessories as it is so detailed, and you can be out the front door faster than it takes an Uber to get to you.  It is forgiving in its looseness and the colour combinations of black and burnt reds are flattering on any skin tone.  Finding an easy to wear dress that can be worn as regularly as a pair of jeans is a difficult endeavour, and this dress hits that spot.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.21.26

The great thing about a smock dress is its versatility.  Worn with tights or skinny jeans it always looks classic with a hint of fashion forwardness.  The colours of the embroidery are timeless and intricate, and the subtle little dangly coins hint towards that constant folksy trend that hasn’t gone away in about 20 years.  Don’t shy away from a dangly coin when its this subtle… you won’t look like a dodgy fortune teller, I promise.Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 18.43.18

The slightly flared sleeves with the gold trim are bang on that current fashion trend of those giant bell sleeves that have been sashaying down the catwalk.  Whilst these giant things look great, and trendy and all that, they are impossible to fit into any coat.  Honestly, have you tried?!  The sleeves on this smock dress are large enough to make a statement but also small enough that wearing a coat is not a problem.  Something that, when scrabbling around in a cold playground, is essential.  Call me old, but I would very much like to wear a fashionable dress, and still be able to wear a coat with it…surely thats not too much to ask?!

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River Island Smock dress here.

Vermeil Double Arrow Stud Earrings from Missoma are here.

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