It’s Valentine’s Day with a difference. We asked best pals and business partners Jessica and Caroline from @notsuchamodelmum to let us in on the secret to great style and lasting friendship in our Palentine’s Day shoot special. Who needs cards when you can have cashmere instead?

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“We are Jessica and Caroline, mums, friends and models, otherwise known as NotSuchAModelMum. Our site focuses on fashion, beauty and motherhood, with friendship at the heart of it. With five kids between us, we’re constantly juggling family, work and all the responsibilities that come with being grown ups.

“We first met nearly two decades ago on the modelling circuit. We got to know each other on a casting trip to Paris but our friendship was truly sealed when we both got booked for a yoghurt TV commercial and flew to Majorca together to shoot it. We’ve based the Palentine’s Day shoot around the beach, because it represents where we became true lifelong friends.

“Fast forward sixteen years and our friendship has spanned both time and countries. We’ve lived all over the world together, we got married in the same year and we had our first children five days apart. We go on holiday together, our husbands and children are great friends and we’ve been there for each other through good times and bad. We think of each other as family, it’s as simple as that.”

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“I’m a huge fan of colour, so the bright mustard trousers were my immediate first choice. They fit so well and will inject fun and personality into any outfit. The crew neck jumper complements the trousers perfectly and is a great shape to wear with jeans or skirts. It’s a must-own wardrobe staple.

“I chose the Laura military jacket as my cover-up of choice – it’s lightweight, cut beautifully and the detailed trim gives it a smart finish. I’d wear it for work with black trousers and a white shirt, at the playground with jeans or over an LBD for drinks with friends.

“The embroidered flowered trainers are my new favourite and are a fun spin on the trainer trend.”

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“I love a rock chick look so the grey biker trousers with zip detailing are right up my street. This pair are extra flattering because of the slightly higher waist and stretch fabric.

“Shirts are my go-to in the top department so I was naturally drawn to the classic cut of this polka dot shirt. It would look great for the office with a pencil skirt or wide-leg trousers or even as a cover-up at the beach. I love wearing bikini tops under blouses to add a little twist. This halter-neck bikini top is very supportive and the hint of the print under the shirt adds a little something to the whole look. And then the trainers – ideal for the playground or the office – they are a cool addition to my shoe collection.”

And now for the Boden quick-fire Q&A:

First impressions?

Caroline: “The lasting impression I have of Jessica is the outfit she wore on our first night out in New York after we moved there together. An elastic headband, skull gloves and some armbands – an 80s look that was totally out of place!”

Jessica: “I just remember seeing hair. A mass of brown, curly hair… and that she was really well dressed!”

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What’s the secret to working with your best friend?

Caroline: “Laughter and trust. We have a long history of a strong friendship and have been through a lot together and that lays a good foundation.”

Jessica: “Knowing that there is someone in your life who you can be totally honest with and they can be totally honest with you. Just being able to laugh and enjoy – it really is that simple. And trust – everything is based on our friendship.

Describe each other in three words…

Jessica: “Loyal, amazing, crazy.”

Caroline: “Loyal, fun, inspiring.”

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Top tips for dressing well (and comfortably) when you’re juggling work and family life?

Jessica: “If you feel comfortable and confident then everything else will fall into place.”

Caroline: “I love colour, so my tip would be to wear a colourful crew neck cashmere jumper. On a dull day there is nothing better than putting on something bright. Colour makes you feel good.”

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