False eyelashes are not something new….From the fledgling days of the 1930’s, where stunning examples were championed by the ever-glamourous Seena Williams on the silver screen; to the more daring 50’s femininity emulated by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor – fake eyelashes have always been a symbol of female empowerment.

As women’s liberation gathered momentum, Elizabeth Taylor’s portrayal of her leading ladies took the use of fake eyelashes and the development of more daring make-up fashion styles to another level.  In the more eclectic character roles she played, such as in: “A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” & “The Girl Who Had Everything” and “Cleopatra” – no matter the look, natural or glam – the finishing touch was always those long, luscious lashes.

False lashes continued on an ever-more extreme journey.  By the 1970’s Liza Minnelli, with her big doey-eyes, showed the world in her iconic “Cabaret” role that a girl could have it all….With a quick wink and a smile, framed by those alluring long sultry lashes, we were completely smitten.

With this in mind, as I caught my reflection in the mirror, whizzing out the door for the morning ritual school run. I decided it was about time I tried some false lashes again.  My only attempts into this foray thus far, had previously amounted to fancy dress parties and teenage attempts before a night out.  Alas never successful.

But if Katie Perry or Michelle Obama can pull it off daily with their gruelling schedules, then I to could do the same!

Lashing out 1

Not feeling too confident; nor seemingly having any time in the day to try and affix lashes to a standard higher than something close to a ‘Pantomime Dame’ or a ‘Droopey-eyed Drunk’ – professional help was what I needed.

I must confess, being a low maintenance kind of gal who tires at the thought of applying mascara (only to battle with removing the remanence of it for days later.), it began to dawn on me that ‘false lashes’ may be my answer!

Having decided that ‘semi-permanent’ (minimal effort, maximum results) was the route to take,  I researched through the diverse array of options: from mink fur (!!), human hair, to the more palatable plastic.  Once I had decided on plastic , I booked into the Eyelash Lounge in Marble Arch, London, where a very informative white-aproned, 20-something girl with luminous skin (lucky her), smiled and beckoned me to follow her into an lambently lit beauty room.  The chamber was decorated with white and pink orchid wallpaper (interesting choice!), complimented by some calming elevator music.  I was asked to lay down on the massage table.

Not knowing what to expect, the girl asked me to close my eyes keeping them as relaxed as possible.  Having chosen these plastic lashes, believing that this option would give me the most natural look combined with ease and comfort – I was ready to be transformed.

Lashing out 2

Semi-permanent lashes last up to two weeks depending on how well you maintain them.  And maintenance is key – stick to these three rules at all times:

1) Avoid rubbing the lashes at all times – especially when washing your face.

2) Wear mascara as little as possible; if at all.

3) Stay away from oils, swimming and of course… picking at them!

I walk out of the salon smiling and batting my new eyelashes, fully understanding how a thing as small as my new fluttery friends can make me feel so good.

So, here I am one week and two days in… I have weathered it out and put my lashes to the test on all accounts.  I am still feeling confident I can eek out the two week mark and whilst a few have fallen by the way side, actually these losses make my lashes look even more natural and real.

Now a great fan of my new look, and feeling  inspired by the Hollywood actresses of the past – I am booked in for a repeat eyelash treatment in few weeks time.  I’ve been advised that ‘back to back’ application can be harmful to your natural lashes, so like all good things in life, timing is of the essence!

Other great salons in London are:

Athertoncox.co.uk from £95

Brawhaus.com -Lash in Bloom extensions from £40

Lashlab.co.uk -classic full set from £85

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