The blog world has been awash with this season’s must-try pleated midi skirt.  The midi length is a three quarter length skirt, that even at the best of times is notoriously difficult to style.   Add on some pleats and it becomes a challenge!  Let it be known that I have tried and failed abysmally in the past with this shape skirt…


Digging out my favourite Pringle men’s cashmere jumper (a treasure that I found on an outing to Notting Hill market some years earlier, and then shrunk two sizes thanks to my domestic goddess skills!)  I wonder how I will eek out another look and breathe fresh style into my well-worn and well-loved jumper.
With my jumper always at the back of my mind, I was trotting through ‘Passiege de Gracia’ in Barcelona one day to a casting, and wandered past the alluring fashionista boutiques – each one enticing, seemingly begging me to pass the threshold and purchase one of their designer pieces.  I am normally able to withstand their pull, but today I surrendered, and walked into Massimo Dutti (not my normal shop of choice.)
All it took was around 15 minutes, and before I knew it, I had exited through their over-polished, gilt-edged, gleaming doors, a few hundred euros lighter and laden with shopping bags, which I would now have to lug to my casting!  I was most excited about my my new three quarter length pleated print skirt.  Styled with my golden oldie jumper, I have finally found a way to wear this trendy length and style.  And its easy!
I have cinched in the jumper at at the waist to draw the eye to the narrowest part of my body.  The problem with pleated skits, is that they can be slightly shapeless, so any shape that can be created with accessories is flattering.  My narrow, pleated Mulberry wrap belt works to accentuate my waistline, and my good old jumper covers my stomach.  There is nothing worse than the fanning effect of a pleated skirt over the stomach area.  So, it is best to keep this area covered!  No more pleated skirt fashion disasters for me now that my shrunken jumper has found a new calling!
A pleated skirt, when styled correctly, is also a winner for the Christmas and New Year party season, and we have lined up a few goodies here.  Just click on the images.
screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-23-19-24   screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-23-38-08
 screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-23-26-59     screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-21-12-39
The pleated midi length skirt is from Massimo Dutti, and can be found here.
 Jumper is old, but you can find similar here or here.
Bracelet from Uterque.
Zara trainers are here.
Mulberry belt is here
Necklace from @dalia_London_

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