We are all guilty of borrowing some jumpers from our other halves, and possibly, even keeping them in our wardrobes indefinitely as they become a firm favourite to slob around in after the kids have gone to bed and we secretly watch a Made in Chelsea catch up.  This common occurrence has made us, here at NotSuchAModelMum, question why we don’t just bite the proverbial bullet and check out the menswear department of one of our favourite brands, and see what they had to offer.


Gone are the days of sticking to womenswear.  If brogues, tuxedos and the ubiquitous boyfriend jean have crossed over from menswear to womenswear, then why don’t we, as women, cross over and explore the menswear?

manup6                   manup7

So, next time you hit the shops, or flop exhaustedly in front of your favourite boxset clutching a goblet of wine at 7:03pm, why dont you look at the men’s sections online- not for your partners in crime, but for yourselves. We promise you will be pleasantly surprised!


These sweatshirts from Scotch and Soda have now sold out, but find similar sweatshirts here, herehere and here.


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