Starting your day by waking up to a cold, dark and uninspiring morning is always hard.  The monotonous daily routine of getting the kids up, dressed, fed and out the door on time – whilst remembering their bags, random equipment and completed homework – usually kicks off my morning with a sense of drudgery rather than enlightenment.

It is little wonder that I sometimes shock myself when I walk out of the door, realising that I have not had a chance to look in the mirror.  Often I find, much to my horror, that yesterday’s makeup is still sliding down my face and my unruly hair is coiffed in homage to the 80’s!  I always kid myself that tomorrow will be different…tomorrow I will wake up a little earlier than everyone, and allow myself some me time.  Yet, rightly so, sleep just seems to win each time.  So, I have changed tactics.  I can live with the bad hair and smudged makeup – which can be rectified after school drop-off, and before work – but my outfit must be right from the word go.
I find nothing more energising and mood-boosting than wearing something bright and bold to help lift my spirits, and give me that much talked about ‘positive mental attitude’.  I also have this warped idea, that if I wear a bright and colourful outfit, people will not notice that I haven’t managed to brush my hair or slap on some make up just yet.  The piece that ticks all the boxes for being bright and bold, is my must have luxury piece for this season – and indeed for every season – my Mary Katranzou, Japanese inspired, rainbow cloud, A-line coat.
It not only makes me happy, but also finishes off every look.  What I love about this coat, are the fun and energetic colours which simply work effortlessly well together.  It is bold, it is tasteful, and the print design is so intricate and beautiful that it looks like a work of art in itself.  To me, it’s the perfect example of wearing something that inspires joy and optimism by its very vibrancy.  It is a timeless piece that suits all ages and outfits, which is an added bonus when justifying the price.  I know, like me, it will look ageless for many years to come!!!! (insert joke here!)  And, another added benefit to wearing print is that it can hide all manner of kiddie spills!!
I have styled my coat with a pair of leather skinny trousers from M.I.H jeans and my navy crew neck jumper is from from Jigsaw.
My Aquazzura shoes are on sale here.
Here are some more bright and beautiful coats.  Click on the images.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 19.27.09          Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 19.25.34  Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 19.23.55

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