We love nothing more than watching somebody we know start from nothing and graft their way to success.  It make us understand how much hard work goes in behind the scenes to get to that level, and also makes us very proud.  A person who has achieved this well-deserved success is the brilliant Alexa Chung, our old work colleague and fellow model.  Who would have thought she would be destined for great things? Well, we did, actually!!  She always had a unique way of putting clothes together, and along with her innate, fun sense of humour, was always bound for superstardom!

We were all at the same modelling agency, Storm, and met Alexa on castings, random jobs, or for a quick coffee – nothing unusual, just another day in the life of a model…(i.e. lots of free time!!)  Caroline’s early days of knowing Alexa were spent sitting in the cupboard together at the French Connection show room, waiting to show clients the newest collections.  Countless days in a cupboard means you soon get to know someone pretty well!  Jessica’s most amusing job with Alexa was a shoot on London’s Embankment, and involved both of them getting changed in the boot of a car!  Oh, the glamour!
A lucky break for Alexa came in the form of a casting to become Popworld’s new presenter, (remember PopWorld?)  And the rest, as they say, is history.  Given Alexa’s cool style and fashion icon status, it is little surprise she has returned to her fashion roots, and now launched her own fashion label, ALEXACHUNG.
Her first debut collection of 145 pieces (not a small collection by any account, illustrates Alexa’s dedication to her label) was launched this Spring 2017 to great acclaim.  There is plenty to pick from.  From It-girl-worthy party dresses to cool daywear solutions and even shoes and accessories, this girl has thought of it all.  Very much into a conscious production of her collection, it is no surprise that seventy per cent of her label is made in the EU – Portugal, Italy, and some of the fabric mills are British.  Incredibly, her jackets are made in the same factory as those produced for Dolce & Gabbana and Lanvin, which speaks volumes of the  high quality and standard of the label.
For a fledgling brand,  these are very high standards of production, and this is reflected in the excellent workmanship of the clothes.  Her entry prices start at about £70 for her t-shirts – which, whilst not cheap, actually isn’t too bad knowing how and where they are made.  We both road tested a couple of the tops to see just how easily her forward thinking fashion brand translates to daily life of two 30 something mums like ourselves.  The answer was incredibly well!
Jess decided to give the simple Printed Cotton-Jersey T-shirt a spin. (If a brand can do a good white t-shirt well, then it is of to the right start!)  And, golly, this t-shirt is good.  It has been in the wash many times already (white+ 3 boys= mess, mess, mess!) and it comes out trumps each cycle.  Jess has added a bit of sparkle with her J Crew sequin skirt, funking up the the casualness of the t-shirt with some child unfriendly sequin shimmer.
Caroline went for something a little more adventurous – the Ruffle- Trimmed Satin Blouse to be precise.  This sky blue V-neck blouse is trimmed with ruffles and has a pussy bow collar, and will set you out from the crowd in a very classic and understated way.  Normally, Caroline would find herself shying away from such a statement blouse preferring something with less frill, but once on, she found herself feeling she could really carry this top off.  Along with some Stella McCartney Embroidered jeans and some Balenciaga Cutout ankle boots, this top is ready to go!
What we discovered was that these clothes are not just something for the cool hipsters of East London, they are also for the cool mums of the countryside!!  And that sums up the ALEXACHUNG collection nicely – it is for all women everywhere.  Well done, Alexa!
ALEXACHUNG Ruffle Satin blouse here.
Stella McCartney The Skinny Embroidered boyfriend jeans here.
Balenciaga Cutout glossed-leather ankle boots here.
ALEXACHUNG Printed Cotton Jersey T-shirt here
Screw Sequinned Crepe Skirt here.

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