Joseph has been a stalwart of the British designer high street for as long as I can remember.  There was a time over nearly twenty years ago when all I wore and lusted after were a pair of Joseph Trousers (well, that and Luke Perry from Beverly Hills 90210).  They epitomised glamour, and a timeless style that sat perfectly (or so I thought) with my penchant for 50 pence university vodka red bulls and battered mars bars – that true epitome of elegance.


Fast forward a couple of years (!!!) and Joseph trousers are back in the game, and, goodness, have I missed these beauties.  The beauty of these trousers lies in their complete simplicity.  They go with absolutely anything in your wardrobe.  It is as simple as that.  Like a good pair of jeans, a pair of Joseph trousers are a wardrobe must have for us- a solid foundation of any closet.  Smart, casual, dressed up or dressed down, these leg warmers step up to every event.


Most importantly, perhaps, is that these trousers are incredibly flattering.  And flattering on every single body type, because of their incredible cut.  Every single little detail in the design has been thought of – the elasticated waist is both forgiving and stylish; and there are no pockets, which mean no unsightly lumps and bumps.  Pockets on streamlined trousers drives us potty!  Who on earth needs a pocket on tight trousers?!


Caroline, on the right is wearing some Lex Stretch – gabardine Flared Pants.  It is the stretch gabardine material that is so forgiving and holds everything in place, and sets these pants apart from their competitors.  The slight flare at the bottom elongates and streamlines the leg.   Jessica is wearing the Stretch Gabardine leggings, made from the same sculpting material as Caroline’s pants but without the flare.  The seams are on the side of these leggings, and therefore lengthen those pins.  The leggings can be turned up at the bottom or turned down, giving them versatility.


There are few styles and designers that can manufacture the same product successfully for over two decades, and it is testament to the timelessness of Joseph that their trousers have been best sellers for so long.  It is both the cut and the material that work together to create something very special.  We can’t wait to be grannies sitting in a comfy chair, still extolling the virtues of a good old Joseph trouser.  And best of all, given that the quality of these trousers is so high, it wouldn’t surprise us if we were still wearing these exact same trousers as little grannies on that comfy chair!


Lex Stretch Gabardine Flared Pants here.

Stretch Gabardine leggings here.

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