When we first decided to set up NotSuchAModelMum, we only had a couple of things we wanted from this little adventure.  We wanted a good excuse to see each other more – with Caroline in Barcelona and me in London, that was proving difficult, and setting up a blog would be the best excuse to hang out together under the guise of ” work”.  In our dream world, we also wanted to work with different brands, and put into use all those years of modelling and absorbing the different aspects of the fashion industry.  That, and a couple of freebies and we were going to be happy.  Little did we know what would happen…..    


This has been such a rollercoaster ride, and we have already had several “pinch me” moments together in this fun new world of blogging.  Standing on the rock in these pics, with the sun setting behind us, soaking up the last of the sun’s rays on a shoot that we produced, styled and art directed with a very talented photographer (seriously, that light is amazing!) was one such moment.  And to think that this came about when when Mint Velvet asked us to be part of their ” We Are Women” magazine, and gave us free rein to style their clothes in any way we wanted to illustrate: “Relaxed Glamour”.


We have always loved Mint Velvet as a brand, which is why we wanted to work with them – their jeans especially, are so flattering and wash so well (did we just say that?!) – that to have the opportunity to rummage through their “party” and “hygge” collections, and put together what we wanted, was truly exciting.  Our only brief was to create some “relaxed glamour” party outfits, which, given that our version of glamour involves ditching the kids and grabbing some wine: this opportunity was right up our street.


We had such fun with the clothes: styling them in different ways, putting various looks together and just generally having a laugh, that it really didn’t feel like work.  After all, that’s what NotSuchAModelMum is all about…having a laugh with friends, and a dash of fashion and beauty on the side!  From laughing on the beach, to slobbing around in some cashmere hoodies, we had such fun creating these images, and we hope you can share in the enjoyment as well!







Silver Grey Slogan tee is here.

Arizona skinny jeans is here.

Fringe Black jacket is here.

Eila Over the Knee boots is here.


Jade Cold shouldered blouse is here.

Black Deco Lace Skirt here.

Black Zip Leather Jacket is here.

Evelyn Black Wrap Detail Pump is here.





Black Velvet Blazer here.

Black Leather and Suede Pencil Skirt here.

Silver Tone Cluster Necklace here.

Black Jersey Lace Cami here.


Black Fringe Jacket here.

Black Beaded Cami here.

Arizona Black skinny Jeans here.



Silver Grey Velour Jumper here.

Silver Grey Joggers here.


Nude Cashmere Batwing Hoodie here.

Silver Grey Joggers here.


Created in collaboration with Mint Velvet.  All words, opinions and styling are absolutely our own.

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