It is the distinctive aroma of any product from the L’Occitane range that instantly transports me away from my kids shouting “Mummy, mummy, mummy” at every opportunity, to the peaceful landscapes of Provence.  To have that little touch of the South of France, quite literally in the palm of my hand as I slather on my favourite hand cream whilst standing at the kitchen sink, having attacked the mound of washing up, is the moment of tranquility I crave.  And if I get soft hands as well as some fleeting TLC, then I am all the more happy for it!


L’Occitane’s iconic Shea Hand Cream has a loyal following; and this in itself explains just how fantastic a product it is.  I tend to keep this little tube of love in my bag for when needed, and another by the sink for use after washing the dishes…oh, the glamour!  In every tube you will find nourishing Shea Butter, as well as a blend of almond, honey, and coconut oil for added moisture, plus the Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang leave your hands smelling fresh and clean.  The cream itself is absorbed super rapidly, leaving your hands feeling soft and, most importantly, with no oily traces, which is what you need when you are wearing a nice top!
Let’s not forget our oft neglected trotters in this little exercise, as us mums are literally run off our feet!  The L’Occitane Shea Foot Cream is equally excellent in achieving a little bit of heaven to those tired and dry tootsies!  This foot cream is enriched with Shea butter like the hand cream, but also has Lavender oil to soothe and relax those tired feet, plus Arnica extracts to act as an anti-inflammatory.  This great balance of ingredients leaves feet feeling revived, fresh, thoroughly moisturised, and soft to the touch. What better way to give yourself a little love?  After a hard day’s slog at the office, at home, or simply running after the kids all day, it is little moments like this that keep me sane.  Well, that and a glass of wine!
I try to fit this moment into the end of my day, before I head to bed.  I try and remember to apply the foot cream before bed as I find the cream has longer to work its magic overnight and I am not sliding around the house!  I’ve also got into the habit of using the foot cream on my children’s feet, especially in the summer months when their soles become hardened and slightly cracked from not wearing their shoes so much.

As I am getting older, I’m beginning to realise just how important it take care of myself, and it is these little rituals that will, I hope, stand me in good stead in the future to come.  All those years of wearing high heels and walking for miles trudging from casting to casting will eventually catch up with me and my trotters so I am going to slather on the foot cream to my heart’s content and dream about sunny days in Provence and soft silky feet!

L’ Occitane Shea Hand Cream is here.
L’ Occitane Shea Foot Cream is here.








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