With a jump on my head, the screams of delight signal the arrival of my two morning alarms.  Another day has started.  I peer from beneath my warm and cosy duvet to find two smiling faces peering back at me.

Wincing in the early morning light, I grudgingly pull myself out of bed and get ready to trudge downstairs.  Gleaming back at me through the near darkness is my beacon of luxury in a morning filled with chaos, food throwing, screams and futile attempts to assemble the mob in appropriate attire for the day.

The beacon of luxury is my white ceramic ladies Chanel J12 with its understated touches of beauty. The diamond numeral face is offset perfectly with an 18ct yellow gold bezel that somehow shouts sunshine each time I look into its beautiful face. Assures me, yes I can and will be on time, and I am in control.. with a little style to boot.

Oh Chanel, you’ve done it again!

Chanel Watch

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