You can’t be a blogger and not have a gift guide, so look away now family and friends, because clearly your presents will be in this guide!


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  1. A limited edition print from the brilliant online art shop Art Republic- full of excellent are and cool limited editions.  Love this one and check out their website here for loads of incredible art at for every price range.
  2. Sriracha chilli Key ring.  ‘Cause a man always need some chill sauce with them!  Find the keyring here.
  3. Drive a tanker Experience- a man loves to feel manly, right? Find that surge of testosterone here.

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  1. Boden cashmere hoody.  Soft enough for you to steal!  Find it here.
  2. I have just had portraits painted of my three boys, and cannot recommend this incredible artist highly enough.  Her name is Taina Pearson and you can find her here.
  3. Yes, I know its a ” First World Problem”, but how annoying is it when ice cubes melt too fast in that much needed whisky at the end of the day?!  With these Ice Balls, that problem is solved, and here they are.  A perfect stocking filler.Pic Jointer-2
  4. As much as men deny it, they all need a man-bag, and the peeps at Mulberry have been very clever and have called their gorgeous man bag a “Document holder” which makes it sound manly and perfect.  Find it here.
  5. If you are going to have that man- bag, then you need a cool pen to go with it.  This whiskey barrel, 10 ct roller ball pen is awesome and you can find it here.
  6. A hip flask is always necessary for those cold winter days, and this one adds a bit of fun to anyone’s pocket.  Find your pocket friend here.




  1. The Sunuva beach bag is a game changer.  It works as a swimming bag on a rainy day at the indoor pool and it works on the beach.  It is big enough for all the kids crap and also fashionable enough to be a beach bag for grown ups.  Find it here.
  2. Anything from Votary London- I have discovered these incredible natural facial and body oils and have been using them religiously.  The difference has been astounding and a blog post is coming soon but in the mean time these incredible products in awesome packaging will do nicely.  Find the life changing Super Seed Facial Oil here, the Cleansing Oil here, and the Intense Night Oil here.
  3. I love supporting small brands and up and coming cashmere scarf company Luni Cashmere has some cool, warm and fun scarves that will brighten up any freezing day.  Amazing quality Italian cashmere at great prices… what is not to love?!  Find Luni Cashmere on Instagram @luni.cashmere or email lunicashmere@gmail.comPic Jointer
  4. Biscuiteers Biscuit Tin – beautifully made, personalised, fun and tasty, a Biscuiteers Biscuit Tin will go down a treat!  Choose from huge variety of biscuit tins, from the Iced Christmas Biscuit Tins and the DIY Gingerbread House kit that my kids loved, to the Classic Car show Biscuit Tin, never have biscuits been so cool.
  5. Kaaren Buchanan jewellery – we discovered this cool, affordable jewellery brand made and designed by a mum of four, and absolutely love the collections.  Find the Blue Star Drops here.  I also love the Moonstone Star Necklace, the Large Rose Gold Disc Necklace, and the Razer Light Bracelet.
  6. Lizzie Loves Healthy cookbook- brilliant, easy to cook recipes all written by a mum of three who simply gets us and our culinary needs!  Find her book here.
  7. British Library Membership– Something to enjoy on your own or with the kids- entry to all the British Library exhibitions, and lots of other extras, have some fun with the gift that keeps on giving.  That Harry Potter Exhibition is there as well, so see you there!Pic Jointer-1
  8. Beulah Bless it Forward scarves-  each scarf tells the story of one woman’s path to freedom by providing her with employment.  And,with every scarf you buy, you get another one to “Bless It Forward” to give to someone you love and cherish.  So its win, win, win. Find your scarf here.
  9. J Crew Horoscope T shirt.  A fun t shirt with your starsign on it… personalised and flattering.  Scorpio is here,  Capricorn here, Virgo here, Leo here, Sagittarius here, Gemini here, Taurus here, Aquarius here,  Pisces here, Aries here, Libra here, Cancer here.
  10. Every girl loves some make up and with this Bobbi Brown Instant Glam Make Up kit, you have all the essentials you need to get you through the party season and beyond.  Happy Partying!




  1. Little Borne sweatshirt and joggers- a cool, unisex clothing brand set up by a fellow mum of three boys who wanted fun, relaxed and cool clothes for her kids.  Find the Sweater and Jogger combo here.
  2. Unicorn Mug and Star Stirrer-  I love this so much this is on my christmas wish list!  Find it here.
  3. An Indoor Fairy Garden- create a magical fairy oasis with this brilliant indoor fairy garden.  Mix glitter in the soil and you have a really magic garden!  Find it here.Pic Jointer-2
  4. Create your own set of six Matryoshka dolls- have some fun and even better, you can always wipe them down and start again!  Find the nesting dolls here.
  5. Silly Sausage Game-  for all our silly sausages out there!  Find it here.
  6. Air Shark- a remote controlled helium shark that floats around the house.  Fun for kids and adults alike!  Find it here.
  7. Fit Bit watch- a craze flying round  schools at the moment!  It is here!


  1. Bug Bingo- beautifully illustrated and educational.  Find it here.
  2. Build your own computer kit with the Kano Computer Kit.  Not cheap, but educational, and it is something the kids can learn from and use for a long time. Find it here.
  3. Fablab Glitter Tattoo Kit- my boys love this as much as any girl- the fun that can be had with this kit is endless.  Highly recommended.  Find it here.
  4. Whizz Pop Bang Magazine- an award winning science magazine for kids aged 6-11 that makes science fun and engaging.  Loads of hands on experiments, news and discoveries in every issue.  Find Whizz Pop Bang here.

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