Even moving to Sunny Barcelona doesn’t preclude those dreary, dull and rainy Sunday mornings.  It’s 9:12 am, the kids are already crawling up the walls.  We’ve already been outside, splashed in puddles, changed out of their wet clothes, finished some painting, and I am already wishing away the hours until bedtime. I’m running out of ideas of how to entertain them…and fast. Normally I would surrender my phone and Ipad and feel guilty about allowing them another hour watching television whilst I fester in my guilt!

Scrapbook Challenge

Well not today. My secret cupboard of kids arts and crafts has a new trick; apart from the usual offering of paint stickers and colouring pens. We are going to start a “Scrapbook”.

I had taken a quick trip a few days earlier, to our local Arts shop, where I purchased a couple of Scrapbooks pads for a bargain – one scrapbook for each child. Amazon or artsupply.com have these plus plenty more to offer. www.bakerross.co.uk is another great supplier. Getting the kids involved in shopping for their art activity makes them more excited, so if you have a chance, take them along!

The beauty of a scrapbook is that it can be personalised for each child and can be filled with each child’s interests. It is fantastic fun to discover what my kids want to make their scrapbook about. And every time we open the scrapbook, they want to fill It with something different. Their interests change like the wind, and the scrapbook accommodates this.

Bronte loves cartoons so a quick Google with her found a plethora of cartoon animals that are easy and enjoyable for a child to copy. Everything goes is the theory of scrap booking: photos, shells, stamps, stickers, ribbon, maps, tickets. And because Carter at 22 months wants to be involved, he can just scribble and stick in his scrapbook to his hearts content.  Jessica’s eldest son loves music so he cuts old cd covers in his scrapbook.

Scrapbook ideas & supplies can be found here

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