Lady in Red

There are certain things we cannot stand attempting to buy. Jeans and bras are top of our list, but so is finding the right shade of red lipstick. Images of Marilyn Monroe effortlessly rocking her classic red lips give the illusion that finding the right shade is easy and flattering. The right red lipstick is always … Continue Reading

You’ve Got to Run With It!

On the spur of the moment (a mad moment in hindsight) both Jess and I decided to participate in the Tough Mudder race.  Our dear friend Shona @themodeladvocate asked if we would like to participate to help support her cause.  Not thinking much of it, we agreed, and subsequently firmly pushed the decision to the … Continue Reading

You’ve washed your hair. Have you got a casting?

A casting for a Marks and Spencer Tv commercial doesn’t happen often.  This iconic British Brand is highly regarded and so to work with them has kudos in the fashion industry.  So, when my agency emailed me the details for the casting whilst I was making the kids their supper, I was definitely excited as … Continue Reading

New York State of Mind

Having lived and loved in New York, we are always on the look out for emerging New York fashion brands and beauty products. Step forward fashion brand, SEA NYC. With an Isabel Marant- esque folksy twist, the clothes are classic and beautifully made. This top in particular caught our eye.

Time will tell

With a jump on my head, the screams of delight signal the arrival of my two morning alarms.  Another day has started.  I peer from beneath my warm and cosy duvet to find two smiling faces peering back at me. Wincing in the early morning light, I grudgingly pull myself out of bed and get … Continue Reading

Scrapbook Challenge

Even moving to Sunny Barcelona doesn’t preclude those dreary, dull and rainy Sunday mornings.  It’s 9:12 am, the kids are already crawling up the walls.  We’ve already been outside, splashed in puddles, changed out of their wet clothes, finished some painting, and I am already wishing away the hours until bedtime. I’m running out of … Continue Reading