One of my best, and most everlasting memories of my youth is of hitting the town with my bestie, armed with a handbag stuffed with blue hair mascara, a Mini Disc Man and a Lancome Juicy Tube.  Does anyone remember this stuff?!  Anyway, now that we have grown up somewhat, and instead now get drunk at class drinks parties (or is that just me?), the Juicy Tube has also grown up, turned into a “Shaker”, and evolved into a most funky little specimen, that will now be a handbag friend for a while to come.


The Lancome Matte Shaker and the Lancome Juicy Shaker are pocket sized rockets of awesomeness.  The Juicy Shaker is a glossy, pigment infused lip oil, infused with nourishing sweet almond oil, cranberry and Omega 3 oil, so not only are your lips getting looked after, they also look good.  The Matte Shaker is a liquid lipstick that turns matte, leaving the lips with a long lasting stain.  Application is easy – just shaking the tube releases the lip colour onto the sponge.


There is also no worry about giving yourself a dodgy lip shape like with some lipsticks, as the shaped sponge applicator makes the application so easy.  Pushing a buggy with one hand, and a holding Shaker in the other is no mean feat, but these Shakers are so easy to use that it was no problem for me!  Now that is perfect multitasking!  If you want a stronger colour, just layer it on!


Brilliantly, these new inventions also last, and without any of that awful dryness that comes with some lipsticks.  I am partial to slightly stronger colours, so am using the Matte Shaker as I love matte colours and have chosen the number 189 Red’y in 5 colour.  It starts off as subtle and then, as you layer on the colour, it gets stronger, so this colour works for both day and night.  Caroline is wearing the oil infused Juicy Shaker in Berry in Love, number 283, a slightly pinker colour, that works well on her skin tone. Again, this colour can be layered up or down depending on the strength of the colour required.  With these little lip torpedoes, all you have to do is shake shake shake and then dab dab dab and your job is done… giving us more time to get trollied at those class drinks.



Find the Lancome Juicy Shaker here.

Find the Lancome Matte Shaker here.



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