When we are together, we love nothing more than kicking back in peace with a glass of wine, a boxset and a face mask.  Only since having children, has the regular routine of a face mask become both appealing and essential- a little time out from the children whilst hiding in the bathroom, and a bit of skin TLC, can work wonders for the soul and skin.

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The plethora of face masks on the market has made the hunt for a good one a bit of a minefield – what suits some skins doesn’t suit others, and face masks tend to be quite the investment, with prices for some topping over £200 ( SK-2 I am looking at you).  Despite the amount of choice, we have always stayed loyal to the same old favourite mask that we have used for ages, and the one that has travelled with us on shoots, family holidays…and to the bathroom when our hubbies aren’t looking!

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The Eve Lom Rescue Mask has been around for ages. In the beauty industry, this longevity is the sign of a great product, and a winner in our book.  The clay based formula of this particular mask is packed with natural ingredients, from honey to almonds.  The Camphor brightens the complexion and draws out toxins.  The mask can be used as part of a weekly routine or for emergency breakouts, which, frankly, when dealing with unhygienic children, are part and parcel of our lives!

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The mask literally makes us feel like new women, which, given that we spend most of our time wiping bottoms and pulling raisins out of noses, is a wonderful thing.  After using the mask, our skin feels smooth, plumped up, soft and regenerated.  The Rescue Mask is so versatile, as it works to not only re-energise skin and reduce irritable breakouts but also improve puffiness and tiredness.  It is therefore hard working, and in our opinion, simply excellent.  Even better, it is suitable for every skin type from oily to combination skin.

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To apply, make sure that your skin is clean and product free.  Use the little spoon and scoop out some of the mask and apply it to your face and neck.  The neck is an area that is always forgotten about, so don’t forget to slather the mask on this neglected area as well.  The neck is an essential part to look after, as it is often here that the first signs of ageing reveal themselves.  But make sure to avoid the delicate under eye area.

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Leave the mask on for up to 30 minutes, or for as long as you can bear.  Your face will become warm, and it will feel slightly strange as the mask tightens.  Smiling will be hard, which tends to makes us want to smile more!  Then, after the time is up, use a muslin to remove the mask- there is no need to buy a muslin, as us mums all have some old muslins hidden away in our changing tables/our nappy bags, so just use those!

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At £55 for a pot of 100ml, it is not cheap, but a pot lasts for quite a while and is well worth the investment.  We promise you will notice a difference in your skin and even if you don’t, shouting ” boo” to the kids with the face mask on is a priceless experience we highly recommend!

Eve Lom Rescue Mask is here.

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