Nipple cream is something I thought I had happily left behind in those hazy newborn days of breastfeeding, cabbage and sleep deprivation. Not so it seems. Whilst on a photoshoot with severely chapped lips ( no surprise there as I spend half my days freezing in playgrounds and fields) make up artist extraordinaire, Sarah Reygate, @sarahreygate, applied some Dr Lipps Nipple cream to my lips and the difference was astonishing.

The main ingredient of nipple cream is Lanolin, which can often be very greasy. Remember the nipple cream stains on Nursing bras?! Well, the Dr Lipps cream moisturises and soothes lips without being too greasy. It is a make up artist’s secret weapon, and is now one of my handbag essentials. It can even be used to soothe teething baby bottoms, so is also a nappy bag essential. A multitasking product, just like us mums…Whats not to love?!



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