We love nothing more than this time of year.  Weddings; Summer parties; big birthday bashes; and holidays…. What more could a gal want from her summer?  Well, if you are asking that loaded question, we would love full time childcare and a daily blow-dry, but that would be asking too much!!  On the hunt for some dresses that would tick all the summer fun boxes, especially an upcoming 40th birthday party in Ibiza, we found these two sunny little numbers that are perfect for sundown Aperol Spritz drinking and drunken barefoot fun on the beach after that beach party.

Tulle, a fabric of Debutante balls and wedding dresses, is very much “in” this season- clearly ’tis the season to be a princess, and what better way to feel like one then wearing a tulle floaty dress.  And, as great minds clearly think alike, without realising it, we had both chosen two totally different dresses, but both made of tulle!
Jessica’s first port of call was her current favourite brand Needle & Thread, and she hit the dress jackpot.  At under £150, this Needle & Thread Swan Tulle Midi Dress with Frill Sleeve grabbed her bargain hunter eye(more links at the bottom of this post).  The contrast of the tulle with the intricate beaded embellishment around the bodice, make this dress playful and classic at the same time. The midi length and the ruffle sleeves are flattering to any body shape.  Beautifully made, with designer level attention to detail, at under £100, this is a dress that will work hard in your wardrobe.  And at sunset, when the sun shines on the dress, it comes to life with sparkles from the beading that elevate this dress to an almost magical level. And, to re emphasise, all this for under £150!

Caroline stumbled upon this gorgeous H&M Plum and Powder Tulle dress whilst on her way to a casting in Barcelona – it looks more designer glitz, than sub £150 high street style.   The colours are subtle and understated, and the details are effortless.  The layers of tulle add shape and not bulk, which is no mean feat in the tulle department.  It is, however, the detailing at the front, that we love the most – the plum tulle layered over the powder tulle adds an extra dimension to the design of the dress.  The clever way the Plum tulle drapes across the chest to meet in the middle at the waistline over the powder tulle is so stylish and, most importantly, flattering.


 You will be pleased to know that both dresses survived a, ahem, busy four days of non-stop fun.  From the smart sunset champagne reception and the celebratory supper, to the crazy dancing until sunrise on the beach, these dresses served us well.  For us, the sign of a good evening dress is when we still feel comfortable wearing it for more than 12 hours, happily sitting on the beach, caipirinha in hand, watching the sun come up on another day in paradise.  Which we did.  Happily.


 Needle and Thread Swan Tulle Midi Dress with Frill Sleeve here.  In a lovely subtle green colour here and here.
H&M Plum/Powder Tulle dress here.

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