A casting for a Marks and Spencer Tv commercial doesn’t happen often.  This iconic British Brand is highly regarded and so to work with them has kudos in the fashion industry.  So, when my agency emailed me the details for the casting whilst I was making the kids their supper, I was definitely excited as I took the fishfingers out of the oven. Then I read the brief of what the casting director wanted the girls to wear. “Please wear a floaty and floral dress.”

have you washed pic 2

Now, for someone who is partial to a Thomas Wylde skull handbag and camouflage, floral and floaty is the polar opposite of what I love and usually wear.

With nothing in my wardrobe to match the brief, I accept this sartorial challenge and decide to go on the hunt for floral and floaty number that will not only bag me the m and s job and wont cost the earth, but also something I may wear again. With minimal time to hunt for a dress before the casting as childcare costs make everything upteen times more expensive and pressurised, I head straight to one of my “argh, help me “ places, Zara.

Walk into Zara on Oxford Street, and am immediately confronted with this floral number on a headless mannequin.

Zara Dress

I try it on. It fits. Its floaty and floral. Done. That was almost too easy. Now all I have to do is get the job…

Which I don’t. But its nothing that a Wonder waffle from a stall on Oxford Street and a Hello magazine reading session on the 137 bus trip home wont fix. That’s the thing with modelling. Its like playing the lottery. You never know when it can be you.

Despite the casting fail, I end up loving the dress, which has now become a staple in my wardrobe.  Which is a good thing, as a soy sauce splatter at lunch means that I cant return it. Crossing the spring summer divide, its femininity works with black tights, my Burberry boots and Iro coat. And with some Adidas trainers and a cross body Chloe bag, worn by  its quick and easy to wear in the playground. Similar boots are here and the exact coat is here.

Just goes to show, push yourself out of your fashion comfort zone in any aspect of your life, and see what happens. Thanks M and S for making me go floral and floaty! Even if I didn’t get the job!!

What is out of your fashion comfort zone and have you tried to make it work?

have you washed pic 3

Boots similar here.

Exact coat here.




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