We both live in trousers.  Whether the humble jean, the capri pant, the boyfriend camo trousers, or a good legging – trousers are an essential part of our “mum uniform” here at NotSuchAModelMum.   The unpresuming trouser may have started in a man’s world, but they have certainly made their home in a woman’s wardrobe.

We both see our clothes as an extension of our personalities and are always looking for fun new additions to our daily outfits, whether tops or trousers, or any item of clothing.  So when BonMarche approached us to test drive their new formal trouser collection,we jumped at the chance…And hopefully we would be adding to our personalities and our wardrobes on this mission as well!

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In today’s trouser market we are totally spoilt.  There is a pair of trousers to suit all manner of shapes and individual desires.  In fact, we have tried every shape and style there is, and are always pleasantly surprised by new discoveries.  BonMarche was not one of our go-to shops for trousers at all; but one of the best parts of doing NotSuchAModelMum is getting the opportunity to road test new brands and new finds – and tell you guys what we think…

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We had a scroll through BonMarche’s formal trouser collection and looked for trousers that suited our personal style.  Even though Caroline is 8 months pregnant, finding a good pair of trousers that worked with her bump was a breeze and she decided on the Relaxed trouser.  Currently the size of a whale (her words), she thought she would challenge herself by choosing a pant that could be worn whilst pregnant and that could also be worn post pregnancy too.  At only £20, these trousers are stylish, comfortable and can be worn in many ways.


You can choose your trouser length when ordering these little numbers online and this means that they can be worn by anybody of any height.  Plus, the easy to clean fabric means those grubby little hand prints, food and general kid muck mess easily disappears when washed.  Heaven!  And, because these trousers don’t lose their shape after being washed, they are perfect for mums who want to pull things out of the washer-dryer and wear them immediately…ie: mums like us!

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The elasticated draw string waist is comfortable for Caroline’s ever-growing shape, and post-baby, it is this exact retail detail that will take her through those months after giving birth when all a mama wants is forgiving waistlines.  The straight leg also elongates the legs, something a mum with a bump loves!

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Jessica is a sucker for a skinny jean and plumped for these Slim Leg Trousers in Navy and Polka Dot. Blended from a soft stretch fabric that offers comfort and the perfect slimline silhouette, these trousers are super fitted and give extra support and sculpting the finer assets of a woman’s figure!  All this for £22! These slim leg trousers will look great on every figure type and, with the super flattering shape, you will feel tall, lean and mean, ready to take on the day and any issues that everyday life throws at you.  The subtle navy and polka dot print is fun, but also timeless and the faux pockets are a brilliant detail that don’t add bulk around the hips that some pockets in trousers do.

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Jessica LOVES rolling up the trousers at the ankle and the lighter colour material that is revealed when these trousers are rolled up add another detail to these brilliant wardrobe staples.  Fast becoming one of her go-to pants, they work for the day and also with some fun heels, look brilliant for a night out.

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We are wearing our trousers all the time, and they work with everything.  At a twenty squid price point, there is not a lot to complain about, especially when these trousers are such good quality and are fast becoming NotSuchAModelMum wardrobe staples.  Wearing them makes us feel fun and cool, and when people find out that the trousers are from BonMarche, they are always surprised at how cool they are.  Who knew that BonMarche could make us feel so cool?!

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BonMarche Relaxed Trousers here

Mint Velvet Ivory and Grey Lips tee here.

Wyse London Estelle Star Charcoal jumper here.


BonMarche The Slim Leg Trouser here.

Wyse London Flo Sequin Pocket here.

Wyse London Ziggy Star Denim jumper here.

To find out more about your perfect fit, BonMarche have put together a little guide here.

This is a paid collaboration with BonMarche.  All thoughts, opinions and styling are our own.  We hope that you enjoy discovering new brands as much as we do!

























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