Okay, so I am writing this blog post whilst sitting in A&E with my two year old asleep on my lap, and waiting for the doctor to stitch the large cut above his eye… that’s the life of a mum of three boys.  Instead of worrying about the cut (he fell off a stool and smacked his eye on some granite) I have decided to turn the inevitable waiting time into something positive and, to balance all that boydom in my life, I am clearly thinking about clothes.  Call me shallow, but nothing beats thinking about simple joys whilst sitting and worrying in triage.


We are currently all being bombarded with everything Christmassy and sparkly and shiny- the shops are full of Christmas party wear and Christmas jumpers, all aimed at being bought and worn over the next month.  Which is lovely if that is what you like, but, having turned one year older and maybe a little wiser, I am looking for clothes that span more than just the festive season and could take me way into 2018.  Who is with me? Surely clothes are for life and not just for Christmas?!


I love to find clothes that have a bit of sparkle and can look great for those Christmas parties, but that won’t look odd during spring, summer and autumn, and this Releve Embellished top from Coast is the perfect example of a top that ticks all the season’s boxes.  When worn with simple black skinny jeans from TopShop and some over the knee flats from Mint Velvet, this top oozes glamorous understatement, and, when worn with a long skirt, the top is transformed into a party dress.


It is the stunning metallic feather embroidery and the subtle see through mesh details on this little number that make it so unique and, also, so unlike what Coast normally does.  Coast hasn’t been a brand I have really looked at over the last few years- when I think of this fashion label, I think of floral summer dresses and fascinators, which are lovely, but not my style.  Coast came onto my radar again when they collaborated with the Royal Ballet for their Autumn Winter 2017 collection that was jam packed with bold statement jumpers like the one I am wearing in dark colours, and cool designs and beautifully made dresses, all marking a new direction for this brand and I like it!


Even better, this jumper is part of their “limited edition,” collection, so it won’t be cascading through Instagram like some unstoppable force, meaning that you can hit the party trail and not worry about other people out and about in the same top.  Now, back to my little boy.. the cut has been stitched and he is happily running about pretending to be IronMan.  Some things never change, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Relive Embellished top from Coast here.

Jamie Skinny jeans from TopShop here.

Mint Velvet over the knee Ella boots (on sale!) here.

Coast Brean Metallic Skirt (on sale!!) here.

Mint Velvet Leoni shoes here.

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