Being a mum is really full on!  Whilst it is clearly wonderful and very special, there are also times when it is completely and utterly overwhelming in every sense.  Any descriptions that use the word “mum” in them should therefore make us mums feel good about ourselves, and be uplifting, positive, and inspiring.  Then how come that is often not the case?

The word “mumsy” is a classic example… In the Oxford Dictionary it is defined as: “giving the impression of dull domesticity; dowdy or unfashionable”.   This offends us to the core, as how on earth can any description with the word ” mum” in it be seen as anything other than a compliment?  So, when Boden asked us to be part of their ” Wear it Like A Mum” campaign, a mission to redefine the word “Mumsy” and to turn it into something positive and complimentary, we jumped at the chance.

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We remember vividly those pre-children days of shopping together, trying on clothes, and then promptly discarding them because they were too “mumsy.”  Sadly, at the time we did not understand that such terminology was actually an indirect insult to mums.  And here we are a decade later, proud to be mums and embracing everything that being a mum entails – including how our style has changed since giving birth.

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And now we, along with Boden, are determined to change the perception of the word “mumsy”; from an expression that represents anything ‘dowdy’, ‘homely’ and ‘boring’ to a term that is actualy inspirational and positive.  Because we are Mums now, and we know what it takes to embrace the rollercoaster of having children and raising a family – and we want to be proud to be mumsy.

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Our desired revolution for the term ‘mumsy’ is perfectly encapsulated in these rock and roll dresses.  Our fashion styles are both very different, so it is rare when we find an outfit that we both love and can style up in our own way.  And, when we came across this Jenna Shirt dress , we both looked at each other and smiled!  The dress, at first touch, just feels so silky and soft, and, even better, is only £45.  Simple little styling tricks make this dress so versatile and flattering.  We have both styled this dotty little number in different ways to suit our differing styles.

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Caroline is wearing hers with the buttons done up to the top, giving it a more formal look, and Jessica is wearing hers with the buttons undone – a more relaxed daytime look.  We have also used the belt in different ways – Caroline’s belt is sitting on her hips and Jessica’s is cinced in higher up below her bust line.  It is so interesting how one dress compliments two completely different body shapes.  If this is ” mumsy” then bring it on!

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It is the subtle details in this dress that sets it apart from its competitors- the polka dot design is fun and yet also classic and the pops of yellow on the trim along the buttons elongate the body and flatter everyone.  There is a certain elegance to this dress that makes any mum feel cool and in control, whether at work in heels or on a playdate in trainers.  This dress is the true epitome of cool “mum style”.

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And don’t get us started on these awesome Jennifer T Bar heels.  T bar heels are a timeless classic, and the luminous yellow catapults this shoe classic into the 21st Century.  The feminine bow detailing adds a sweet girlie element to the heels and are positioned in the most flattering part of the foot.  Finding high heels that are comfortable is not easy and these shoes tick the comfort box brilliantly.

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So, ladies, from now on, let’s make “mumsy” cool and fun, and a terminology we can be proud of.  Let’s turn mumsy into the ultimate style compliment – so that when we wear something, we can say to each other with pride, “wow, that looks so cool and mumsy!” and thereby transforming statements like this into an accolade of true style, not dowdiness.  ‘Cause we all, as mums, rock, right?! It’s as simple as that!

Find the Jenna Dress here.

Find the Jennifer T-Bar shoes here.

Read more about the ” Wear it like a Mum” Campaign here.

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Created in collaboration with Boden.  All words, opinions and styling are, of course, our own.

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