With three kids constantly using my handbag as some kind of bin, I am aways finding half eaten lollipops, broken toys and other such useless paraphernalia stuffed inside my Balenciaga.  The one thing my two eldest boys know not to touch is my tiny make up bag, or “facial repair kit” as my eldest calls it.  My youngest doesn’t adhere to that rule …there has been many a time where my mascara has been used to paint the cat or the walls, but that’s a blog post for another time!  Thanks to my third child, there’s not much in that sad little sac, but a good cover up is always in said sac.  This time, my cover up comes in the form of a cushion compact (yes i know i sound like a granny, but hear me out) and it has revolutionised my little ” facial repair kit.”


The thing with cover ups is that they, more often than not, come in a heavy, clunky bottle that is impossible to lug around in your handbag, let alone travel with.  Foundation sticks tend to be my go-to handbag essentials ( read about our favourite here) as they are easy to use, fuss free and can be applied easily- literally one swipe and we are gone.  But  there must be other good foundations or cover ups out there that are both bag friendly and easy to use?  Step in the humble compact.


No longer the old fashioned compact of yesteryear, the compact has had a makeover and we like it.  The cover up is no longer a hard block of make up, and is now a liquid cushion that leaves skin moisturised and feeling dewy.  This liquid cushion is filled with SPF and anti wrinkle ingredients, so you get a liquid foundation feel with natural coverage.  There’s lots on the market and we stumbled upon Lancome’s Miracle Cushion Foundation, hoping that it would work a minor miracle after a 5am wake up from child number three, a full days work and then a parents supper in the evening.  Mama needs a trowel of cover up to face that day!



The clever thing about this cover up it that it is an all in one liquid foundation that gives perfect natural coverage in a portable compact foundation pack… so no more foundation bottles clunking around my handbag.  It gives tired skin a freshness and luminosity that a week in a spa would give as well, and is so easy to apply- all you have to do is press the sponge into the liquid cushion and pat on your face.


The great thing about this form of cover up is that you can build it up the coverage depending on how much you want, so it is perfect for effortless summer skin that looks healthy and natural.  So, pat away dear readers,  and make both your skin and your facial repair kits thank you!

Find the Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation here.

Other brilliant Cushion Compacts are:

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