Whenever I meet my girlfriends for supper and we talk about work, they always laugh at me!  In the modelling world, when a model gets booked for a shoot, it is called: ‘confirming a job.’  So I am always met with hysterics when I chat to them about ‘the job’ I did last week.  Apparently, calling shoots ‘a job’ makes me sound like a spy, or like somebody who has an illicit life!  Anyway, it was on a recent such, ahem, ‘job’ that the make up artist whipped out a new concealer – knowing I am a sucker for the latest in concealer  technology.  Being half Indian, my under eye bags can be quite extraordinary, and my skin prone to scarring, so concealers are my best friend!


Don’t get a shock as Halloween is actually over!  But the above photo is of us both au natural without any make up-spots, scars, under-eye bags and all.  We want to show you what an incredible difference this concealer makes to our faces,  and the only way to show that off was some before and after pics!  Belated Happy Halloween!


I actually did an Instagram Story about this Tom Ford Concealing Pen whilst on the shoot, as I was so impressed with its ability.  The only thing stopping me was the price.  Anything by Tom Ford is notoriously pricey, and a definite investment, so I wanted to test it out in real life before writing about it.  I took the plunge and spent nearly £45 on concealer, hoping that hot Mr Ford wouldn’t let me down.  I mean, with that glorious face, he is surely a man who knows his beauty stuff.  And, by golly, he does. The photo above says it all- on the one side I am applying the concealer and the other side is make up free.  In the photo below, I am covering up the charming collection of spots on my chin, and the difference is incredible.



The photos speak for themselves – this pen works.  Designed with a unique spongey applicator it is so smooth to apply.  It not only camouflages under-eye circles, but evens out uneven skin tone and rejuvenates the skin from within.  The photo below shows us pointing to the eye with the concealer.  The thing we do for our readers, eh?!




Tom Ford Concealing Pen here

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