As much as I love hitting the fancy stores for some fancy make up, it is sometimes the high street stores that come up trumps in the make up department.  Sometimes, something as simple as finding that cheap lipstick that only costs £6.99 and makes me feel like a million dollars, can put me back on track after an exhausting morning where all three boys have moaned non stop since 5:30am.  Yes, I am looking at you, Max, Leo and Xander!  After discovering this little nude, high street lippie, hitting that local Superdrug in between a run to Sainsbury’s and the Post Office has never felt so good!


Before I started modelling, I always assumed that the make up artists would only use high end make up on shoots.  Oh, how wrong I was.  Most make up artists love nothing more than a slather of Vaseline as opposed to some caviar, gold, super food and algae (its always algae isn’t it?!) lip balm.  And this lipstick is no different.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 14.40.17

On a shoot, where the make up brief called for natural make up, the make up lady pulled out this beauty from good old L’Oreal, their Privee Colour Riche Collection to be exact.  To be honest, I had never taken a second glance at this collection, and walked past it in Boots and Superdrug, assuming that these celebrity make up collaborations were all hype and no product.  Well, once again, when the make up artist applied this magic wand to my lips, I was mistaken!  This lippie in the colour Eva ( from Eva Longoria, no less!) gives lips a subtle pinky and bronzed colour with a hint of shimmer, that is totally natural, and works on every skin tone.


It is always slightly difficult to describe the effects of a nude lipstick, so check out the before and after photos below.  First, on the left, is yours truly with nothing on my lips.  Then on the right, I have added the nude lipstick.  As you can see, the effect is subtle, but also noticeable- a healthy, pinky tone has been added, that is understated and simple.  It just goes to show that cheap and cheerful is also good!  And we all love a bargain, right?!

shot_02_234                  shot_02_322

Find the L’Oreal Paris Privee Color Riche Lipstick in Eva’s Nude here.






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