I was prepared for the post-baby ‘jiggly belly’, for the saggy boobs, and the tired peepers peering out from under-eye suitcases.  But one thing I wasn’t prepared for during and after my three pregnancies was the post partum hair loss.  Then, to exacerbate the matter, once I had got my head around the fact that my once lustrous tresses were a shadow of their former selves, then came along the charming baby hair regrowth.  This was not subtle – in fact it looked like I had purposefully cut a tiny fringe, into two little devil horns at the front of my head.  Not a good look.  And to think that Caroline has all this to look forward to once she pops out baby number three!!


Once I was back at work and in the make up chair, it was the bald patches left in my hair from the hair loss that caused me more frustration than any jiggly tummy could.  For, with a wobbly tummy, there is a simple solution…exercise!  With hair loss, there is no simple solution, apart from waiting for it to grow back; and time, my friends, is something that, this impatient old biddy, refuses to wait for!


Having tried shampoos, conditioners, hair tablets, the works, on my sad sprouts, a make up artist suggested a hair mask, that would both strengthen and nourish my hair.  It was, supposedly, all about looking after the hair I already have and not pining for the hair I don’t… surely thats an effective mantra to take waaaayyyyyyyy beyond haircare!

Clearly with nothing to lose, I rushed out and spent the £40 (!!) and hoped for the best.  My expectations were as low as the price was high.  The Living Proof Restore Hair Mask promises lots of things- repairing damaged hair by nourishing each strand, and protecting your mop from future damage by adding strength.  All great promises, but does it work?!


Caroline and I have been using this mask once or twice a week now (okay once!) for a couple of months now, and our hair feels stronger and softer.  All I can go on is that the hairdressers on the shoots I work on all comment on the condition and strength of my hair.  That didn’t happen before I used the mask – in fact the hairdressers on the shoots used to recoil in horror at the hairy remains in their newest blow-dry brush.  I exaggerate, but you catch my hairy drift.

NSAMM__Hair Mask_1786

So, if your tendrils are tragic and your barnet is beyond redemption, have a go at this mask and let me know how you get on!  See you in the supermarket in the nappy section swinging your shiny tresses in a few months x


Living Proof Restore Hair Mask here and here.


Other amazing hair masks we love and use are:

L’Anza Keratin Healing Oil Intensive Hair Masque.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 18.55.49

Moroccanoil Resorative Hair Mask

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 18.59.29


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Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 19.02.49

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Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 19.05.37

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